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What to do with your pumpkin !!

What to do with your pumpkin !!
As you take down the Halloween decorations many are not sure what to do with their pumpkin(s). Many think to leave them out for the wildlife. Whilst this may seem a great idea, for some wildlife, in particular Hedgehogs, this can prove deadly as it gives them an upset tummy and can cause them to lose weight which means they lose the reserves they need to see them through the winter months.
While pumpkins are compostable, Hart District Council has advised that if you don’t have a compost pile at home, please dispose of your pumpkin via the BLACK bin (general waste) that goes to incineration. Please don’t put it in the green garden waste bin (if you subscribe to this service) as it causes problems at the composting facility.
Below are some other ideas of what you can do….
Image detailing what you should and should't do with your pumpkin onces you have finished with it.