Walk A: West Green House and River Whitewater

West Green House

West Green House

(5.4 miles / 8.6 km – 2 hours)

This walk takes you through bluebell woods and open fields to West Green House, with its garden full of follies and monuments and its tearoom and garden shop.

The walk follows the River Whitewater for some of the way, where it also passes a pub.




Map for Walk A

Download the GPS waypoints (in GPS Exchange format). To download the file to your computer, right-click on the link and select “Save target as” from the menu.

Name / Position / Elevation Bearing Distance Time Comments
SU 72439 54250
82 m
From the roundabout in Hook village centre, walk along London Road towards the garages. Just before them turn left down Reading Road.
SU 72509 54340
80 m
038°T 114 m 0:01 After 500m, take the third road to the left down Goose Lane.
SU 72424 54630
76 m
344°T 302 m 0:04 Follow the track around until it crosses a road (Great Sheldons Coppice).
SU 72364 54765
73 m
336°T 148 m 0:02
SU 72274 54830
69 m
306°T 111 m 0:01 Cross road and walk about 10m to right and take footpath through the woods. (Note do not go straight across road over bridge.)
SU 72364 55205
73 m
014°T 386 m 0:05 After about 350m, leave the wood through a gate and keep to path with the wood to your left.
SU 72319 55470
75 m
351°T 269 m 0:04 At the corner of the wood (after about 250m), keep going straight heading towards a footpath sign at the top of small hill.
SU 72254 55630
80 m
338°T 173 m 0:02 Go straight across at the sign and down the hill and walk past six big oak trees to your right.
SU 72164 56005
69 m
347°T 386 m 0:05 Walk between the fishing lakes and cross the road at the car park exit. Walk 10m along the road to the right and enter the wood along the signed footpath.
SU 72429 56185
69 m
056°T 320 m 0:04 After 150m, leave the wood and turn left keeping to the path beside the wood.
SU 72639 56345
70 m
053°T 264 m 0:03 At the end of the field, cross into the next field and turn right following the field around by the side of the B3349 road.
SU 72715 56345
70 m
090°T 75 m 0:01 Walk under pylon wires.
SU 72800 56555
72 m
022°T 227 m 0:03 Cross the road at the sharp bend at the end of the field. Walk along the road for 20m and take footpath to the right into a thicket. (Take care here, this road can be busy and cars fast). After passing a big rabbit warren, cross a small stream and head out across a large field on the path.
SU 73165 56645
65 m
076°T 376 m 0:05
SU 73365 56655
60 m
087°T 200 m 0:02
SU 73460 56725
58 m
054°T 118 m 0:01 At the other side (650m), follow the path by the River Whitewater bearing a little left.
SU 73515 56860
58 m
022°T 146 m 0:01 Cross stile and then the river at the bridge on the right. Cross stile after bridge and head for gate at far right corner of the field.
SU 73640 56725
58 m
138°T 184 m 0:02 Cross stile there and head slightly to the left up to the corner of the next field. You will pass two WW2 pillboxes (on both sides) as you walk through this field.
SU 73890 56700
69 m
096°T 251 m 0:04
SU 73910 56725
69 m
039°T 32 m 0:00 Follow path to the left around a green hut. (Beware: clay pigeon shooting takes place near here sometimes.). Continue and take the stony track for 300m until meets to the road.
SU 74175 56485
74 m
132°T 358 m 0:05 Cross and walk around 10m to right and take footpath through iron gates on your left. Walk on path with avenue of oak trees on your right. After about 400m from road, you pass the grounds of West Green House on your right.
SU 74460 56400
71 m
107°T 298 m 0:04
SU 74605 56415
70 m
084°T 146 m 0:01 The path then meets the road. Turn right and after 10m, walk down the gravel entrance into West Green House.
SU 74560 56305
70 m
203°T 119 m 0:01 The house is NT property and is open Easter to end of September, Wednesday to Sunday between 11.30am and 4.30pm. There are gardens, shop, tea room and small garden centre to visit.

On leaving the house, continue on path through an iron gate (with the garden centre on your right and a greenhouse to your left).

SU 74510 56225
70 m
212°T 94.4 m 0:01 Continue on the path for about 500m along the edge of a wood (to your left) until you come to a road.
SU 74265 56085
70 m
241°T 282 m 0:03
SU 74085 56060
70 m
262°T 182 m 0:02 Cross, go through the gate and take the track. Horses can often be seen in the paddocks here.
SU 73950 55950
68 m
231°T 174 m 0:02 Cross the gate at the end of the track and walk past the old green caravan down the path on the right and past Borough Court House (beware dog!).
SU 73895 55990
68 m
306°T 68 m 0:00
SU 73825 55965
65 m
251°T 74.4 m 0:01 At the house entrance, turn right through two gates into the field. After 25m, cross another gate in the middle of the field.
SU 73685 55985
60 m
278°T 141 m 0:01 Bear right towards bridge and cross over it. Then turn left along the Whitewater River path.
SU 73675 55890
60 m
186°T 95.6 m 0:01
SU 73650 55700
61 m
188°T 192 m 0:02 You cross a stile after 200m. Then after a sharp bend in the river to the left, keep to the path which leaves the riverside and goes across the field with a hedge to the right
SU 73610 55155
64 m
185°T 547 m 0:07 After about 500m, cross style at the end of the field and go down path between two hedges that is like a tunnel. Continue by a small stream (ignoring footpath to right), pass entrance to Hook Mill on your left and out on to a tarmac road. Follow this until you get to the Crooked Billet pub (on left).
SU 73675 54805
65 m
170°T 356 m 0:05 Turn right along A30 pavement towards Hook. Pass Shack Café on your left. Cross the road just after the Hook House Hotel.
SU 73225 54715
73 m
259°T 459 m 0:06 Take the footpath to the left by the post box signed Holly Ridge.
SU 73220 54600
73 m
183°T 115 m 0:01 Cross road (Holt Way) and continue on tarmac path. At the end of the tarmac, bear slightly left on a path by the edge of a wood.
SU 73165 54465
72 m
202°T 146 m 0:01 At the end of the wood, turn left and use underpass to cross road.
SU 73090 54335
71 m
210°T 150 m 0:02 Turn left into Wheelers Hill. After #3 Wheelers Hill, turn right up the path.
SU 73009 54225
71 m
216°T 136 m 0:01 Continue along this passing Hook Junior School on your right.
SU 72814 54275
78 m
285°T 201 m 0:03 Cross Church View into Band Hall Place and take the path to the left of #8 until you arrive back at Hook centre.
SU 72464 54195
82 m
257°T 359 m 0:05 Hook centre has local shops and three pubs all within two minutes walk: The Raven Hotel, The Old White Hart and the White Hart.
Totals: 8.78 km 2:05


Transport to start of walk:

  • Walk from your home, if you live in Hook.
  • By Bus or Train – see the Transport Page for the latest information.
  • Car: A long term car park is available near to Hook centre off Reading Road (opposite the White Hart pub). Note that the free car parks in front of the shops may have time restrictions.