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Update from Local Police Beat Team regarding cars being stolen

Please see the below update from our Local Beat Team regarding cars being stolen and steps you can take to prevent you from becoming a victim.  Please continue to report suspicious behaviour by phone using 101 or online at

“We have recently seen an increase in theft of motor vehicle offences with vehicles being taken without the keys. This is believed to be as a result of equipment being used to amplify your key’s signal. There are some measures you can take to prevent this type of theft.
* Secure your vehicle in a garage where possible
* Use physical barriers to block your vehicle in.
* Secure your keys in a secure location within your home. Leaving your key’s at the rear of a property, furthest from the vehicle location, is recommended.
* Consider securing keys in a key signal blocking case. These can be purchased online. Alternatively a tin or aluminium case should be used.
* Consider the use of a steering lock or car cover. This will significantly slow down or deter an offender.
Our colleagues in Thames Valley Police are also seeing similar offences and are leading this investigation.
We will be increasing our patrol activity around residential areas over the coming weeks and we would ask you to support our efforts by reporting any suspicious activity via 101. Should you suspect a crime in progress or that is imminent, call 999.”

For more information, follow the local beat team (Hart North Police) on Facebook at