Aerial Photo of Hook


The photograph below was taken in September 1981. It was kindly donated by former Parish Councillor Peter Jennions. Where were you when it was taken? (I know what I must have been doing – there are nappies on the line!)

The view is from the north of the village, looking south. The road in the bottom left hand corner is Reading Road. Gregory House is just to the right of and below the centre of the picture. St John’s Church, The White Hart and Crossways car park are all visible in the top left hand quadrant. At the centre of the picture, part of Elms Road leads upwards towards its junction (no roundabout then) with the A30 and Station Road.

The railway station, backed by the cocoa mill (where Tesco now stands), is at the top centre of the picture, while the large white object on the right is the Old Foundry, then operating as a refrigerated warehouse.

The strange markings centre left, in what is now Wellworth Park, as I am reliably informed by Reg Janes, are the product of a series of jumps for exercising horses.


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