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Reporting to the Police

Please see the below from our Local Beat Team’s Facebook page regarding reporting of incidents. By reporting incidents via 101 the local police have the evidence they need to in order confirm a need for patrols in that area. The reporting also allows them to identify times of day when incidents are occurring and target patrols accordingly.
Report online here or by dialling 101 on your phone. If there is a threat to life or if it is occurring now, please call 999.

“We have been reviewing some of our Facebook comments this morning and we have cross checked these against reported incidents on our system.

It has become clear that we are not receiving reports relating to incidents we are expected to have dealt with. We understand the frustrations behind the 101 system and the force are continually working to address these.

Please remember that 101 is one way of reporting incidents however, we now have an extensive online reporting facility. Please use this where possible and when your report is being made retrospectively or were you do not feel a deployment is required. You can report incidents here:

We are only able to deal with the incidents and concerns we are made aware of. As we are continually stating, Facebook is not a reporting tool and should not be used to report ANY incident or crime.

Crime and incidents are and will continue to be prioritised. We understand this can be frustrating when we are unable to attend an incident as a priority however, this is usually owing to us being deployed to a more serious incident where a life may be at risk.
We are only as efficient and proactive as you empower us to be. Please report your concerns in order that we can address and resolve them. Your quality of life is our priority and we will do all we can to ensure this remains as high as possible. #PCSONick”