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Quality of Life in Hook Questionnaire 2014

In 2004, Hook Parish Council undertook a survey, which subsequently informed the Hook Parish Plan. Since then Hook has seen growth and a number of changes.

A new Council will be elected in 2015, during another period of development and change. This survey will assist the new Council in developing its strategy for retaining the quality of life enjoyed by residents, workers and visitors to Hook for the coming years. The Parish Council has a wide range of duties and powers, which are funded through a portion of the Council tax (the precept) which averages £98 pa per household.

This survey questionnaire aims to seek the views of all who live in Hook (all ages included). A survey aimed at business will be undertaken separately. We not only want to know about the existing facilities and services available in Hook, but also those which will be required to sustain our community in the future.

Please will you take a few minutes to complete the survey?

Your views are invaluable and your time is much appreciated