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Bassetts Mead – In Hook we are surrounded by land where wildlife flourishes and we can roam freely, but a little known jewel owned by the Parish Council and managed for us by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is Bassetts Mead. Located opposite the Crooked Billet pub it can be accessed from the A30, Doctors Acre and Holt Park. Bordered by trees, the river Whitewater meanders through the land, and at most times of the year you can spot a whole host of wildflowers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies.

As Focus goes to press, as long as the weather has been kind, tree surgeons will have removed some damaged and fallen trees so that they don’t block up the Whitewater and contribute to flooding in the area. The main trunks will remain on the bank until we decide what to do with them but chippings and debris will be located in identified sites so that nature can claim them or the chippings can be utilised elsewhere in the village.

One blot on the beautiful landscape, is the fact that some dog walkers do not clear up after their animals. This is unsociable and no one has an excuse to leave dog poo in our parks and on footpaths, especially as poo bags are freely available at the moment from the Parish Council office.

Wellworth Park – an uneven part of the path through the park has been identified as needing to be repaired and this has been earmarked to be done as soon as possible.

Hook Neighbourhood Plan – Please see the Neighbourhood Plan Website for the latest news update on this. If anyone is interested in participating on one of the theme groups please contact the Parish Council office.

Rugby in Hook – at the last Council meeting two representatives from Hook and Odiham RFC briefed councillors on their bid to bring rugby to Hook. Currently using facilities at Lord Wandsworth the club, for senior players 17 and up, has 40 members and 12 games have already been planned. Stuart Oakley, who is in charge of the team, asked the Council to bear them in mind for any land opportunities or places where they might call home. If anyone can help the club please let the Parish Council office know.

Flooding in Hook – Some Hook residents were affected by flooding in late August. To help feed back problems to Hart DC there’s a special flood survey that can be filled in and submitted on line – www.hart.gov.uk/hart-district-council-flooding-survey. Or it can be found by looking on the Hart DC website under Environment/ Weather advice/Flooding.

Hart Planning Review – In September and October residents who have previously submitted or objected for a planning application may be contacted by Hart District Council. This is part of a Development Management service review being undertaken by a consultant. The review will cover:

  • customer focused performance – covering quality and consistency;
  • development control/development management procedures with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with the customer;

He will also be interviewing a random cross-section of Parish Council representatives, planning staff and Councillors from Hart District Council, to obtain a full perspective of how Hart can improve their customer focus.

Shared Ownership Housing – Hart and Rushmoor are holding a joint event to provide information to those interested in benefiting from various government backed home ownership schemes. The event takes place on Thursday 15th October between 2pm – 6pm. It will be held at Rushmoor Borough Council Offices in Farnborough.

Walking With The Wounded is a charity supporting injured war veterans and six injured veterans are walking through the village on 12th October as part of a much longer marathon trek.

Members of the public are most welcome to attend Parish Council meetings to observe the proceedings. Meetings normally take place on the first Wednesday in each month at the Community Centre in Ravenscroft at 8pm. Agendas are posted on our notice boards in Grand Parade, Wellworth Park, Holt Lane and outside the Parish Council office in Ravenscroft. Do come along or ring our Parish Clerk, Anne Atkins on 01256 768687 below to find out more!

Sue Hinton
Parish Councillor
PR and Media Portfolio Holder

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