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News Bulletin: October 2013

Hart District Council adopted an interim housing delivery strategy at the Cabinet meeting on 5th September. This is intended to fill the gap caused by the failure of the Core Strategy, but it has no statutory force. Hart will use the Interim Strategy to enable development at NE Hook. In practical terms little has, therefore, changed and we would expect applications to follow in due course. If you would like further information please contact

We have been advised that our article last month regarding the Sainsburys application may have been open to misinterpretation. A clarification has now been printed in Focus.

A number of residents have collected glass recycling boxes, but there are still some available free of charge from our office during normal opening hours or by calling to make a prior arrangement. In exceptional cases delivery may be possible.

The play area in Wellworth Park is due for replacement in the next year or so, being now 15 years old. This will be welcome news to the numerous residents who have contacted us about the condition of the surfacing and some equipment. We are keen to hear your views on the type equipment and features which residents would like to see in this key play park. Please contact the Amenities Administrator, Marian Bright, with your suggestions, ideas and questions.

The work of the Parish Council is diverse and changes rapidly to meet the demands placed on it. Residents who read the Parish Council minutes will be aware of a number of Working Groups. Whilst space allows, it is opportune to briefly explain the purpose of Working Groups.

These groups undertake the detailed work in specific areas, which could not be done solely by the office staff or one of the Committees. Working Group membership can also include residents with relevant knowledge or other specialists brought in to assist as required. The groups are normally established and dissolved as required to address particular projects or areas of business. These meeting are not held in public as they often involve confidential matters. The pace of progress and change is variable, but updates on the work of these groups are given through our minutes, Hook Focus or via direct consultation with affected residents or groups. The remit of the current Working Groups is:

  • Community Centre Refurbishment Construction Working Group (CWG) is tasked with managing the construction phase of the refurbishment project. Progress reports will follow in the coming months.
  • Transport Working Group (TWG) was established in response to the reduction in bus services. This group was key to the provision of the new 30/31 service and continues to work toward improvements to local transport.
  • Parking Working Group (PWG) is looking at the current parking issues and working with Hart District Council to identify measures to alleviate the problems and mitigate the impact of commuters and future housing developments on the centre of Hook
  • Sports Working Group (SWG) is reviewing effective utilisation of current sports facilities and working with local sports groups to plan for future need, particularly in the light of the increased demand the expected population growth will bring.
  • Community Buildings Strategy Working Group (CBSWG) has responsibility for considering options and making recommendations to the Parish Council on the strategy and management of current and future Community Buildings in Hook. Most recently the Hook Bowling Club site has been transferred from Hart District Council.
  • Vision and Strategy Working Group (VSWG) has been recently been formed to develop a vision and strategy for the Community. This will involve producing a ‘Corporate Plan’ for the Parish Council, a review of the Parish Plan and engagement with those who live and work in Hook on future priorities.

Anne Atkins – Clerk