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News Bulletin: November 2000

Following discussions with a number of regular users of the new BMX Roller Skating Facility an onsite meeting took place with the manufacturers who agreed that they need to make changes to the centre section to improve safety. These will be carried out shortly.

For quite some time residents in the Ravenscroft area have expressed concern about disturbance from cars in Hartletts Park late at night. Quotations have been obtained for the installation of a barrier at the entrance to the car park which will be locked at night. Opening and closing hours will be published before the change is made.

The path through Hartletts Park will be closed on Saturday 4th November which coincides, as usual, with the annual Hook Schools bonfire and firework night. The closure is for safety reasons and to ensure that the path does not become a Public Right of Way. Please remove all cars from the area by 3pm as rocket sticks and other bits of firework will be landing in the car park.

On Sunday 8th October Southern Electric dug a large trench near the Station Road pedestrian crossing to replace a length of faulty cable supplying the shops in Grand Parade, but filled in the trench without replacing the paving. They have now made temporary repairs to the paving for safety reasons. They accept that they are responsible for proper reinstatement of the paving to its original condition and we are now waiting to be advised of the date they will complete the work.

Recent changes in national Planning Policy Guidelines require mobile phone operators to share sites for their masts instead of all applying for different sites. It is possible that the proposed site in Osborne Way will provide facilities for both Orange and One2One.

The Hampshire Wildlife Trust are in discussion with the freeholder of Hook Common to take a long lease on the site. They will be attending our next Parish Council meeting to discuss the plans they have in mind if the lease arrangement goes ahead.

It has been suggested that Arthritis sufferers in Hook might be interested in attending a self help course. The aim of the course, which consists of a two hour session each week for six weeks, is to help sufferers share experiences and take control of their own situation. Anyone interested is asked to contact David Deadman on 762237 for more information.

Concern continues to be expressed about speeding in a number of areas of Hook. Griffin Way is the area of greatest concern. Our local Police will be trained to use portable speed check equipment very shortly and their efforts will concentrate on checking the fastest offenders and those who speed in places that have a poor accident record. Lets be sure we watch our own speed so encouraging others to drive within both legal and sensible limits!

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 1st November at the Community Hall at 8pm

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor