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News Bulletin: September 2015

New Parish Councillors – On 5th August the Council co-opted five new Councillors – Sue Hinton, Barry Myall, John Orchard, Mark Potterton and Angela Yates. Please see the Contacts Page for information about the new Council members.

Hook Neighbourhood Plan – Please see the Neighbourhood Plan Website for the latest progress update. The next stage of public consultation is for the Steering Group to form Theme Groups to help maximize the opportunity to speak with residents and local business on five key issues for Hook. Please contact the Parish Council office if you are able to attend the meeting or if you are able to help with this phase of the Plan process.

Crossways Car Park – At the Hart DC Cabinet meeting on 6th August Hart Cabinet Members considered the sale of Crossways Manor Car Park and the adjoining former Public Conveniences. Expressions of interest have been received in the past for buy part of the Car park and the former Public Conveniences, but there were no offers currently for either facility.

Although some Cabinet Members supported positive marketing of these sites, as they are a Hart DC asset, Hook Parish Council made representations to keep the Car Park as an essential facility for Hook, the surgery and school and to encourage a vibrant retail patronage, particularly in the light of proposed expansion of Hook.

Hart Cabinet Members resolved against the sale of the car park, but will investigate whether there was any interest in purchasing the former Public Conveniences.

Local Plan – The Parish Council have been informed that the creation of a plan giving a detailed view of activities and schedule for the HDC Local Plan has been delayed. Unfortunately, weight of other work, for example the Hop Garden Road appeal and the Rushmoor Local Plan consultation has taken precedence. The Local Plan Steering Group (LPSG) hoped that the plan would be available at the next LPSG meeting in August, but it seems the plan might not be available until September. In the meantime there is no detailed information about the order and schedule of activities and an explanation of exactly how they fit together.

An important aspect to Hook is confirmation of the District allocation strategy and the apportionment of numbers to settlements and Parishes. The exact process and timing is not clear at this time.

Tree stripped in Wellworth Park – This well established tree was wantonly stripped of all its bark sometime shortly before the 7th August. This lovely tree will now die. This was a deliberate act of vandalism, so if you have any information which may assist in identifying the culprit(s) please contact the Parish Council office or the police. If you are the person(s) responsible for this callous act please consider the consequences of your actions and refrain from other similar activities. By stripping the bark completely from the entire circumference of the tree trunk, called either girdling or ring barking, the tree can no longer take up water from its roots and will die.

CAB – The Parish Council has been liaising with Citizens Advice Hart District to install a Self Help Information Kiosks at the Parish Council reception in Hook Community Centre. This is a two year CAB project called Hart Access to Advice, involving a series or kiosks in and around Hart providing links to a number of vetted websites relating to the problems people face in their everyday lives. The kiosk provides an up to date directory of local community services related to health, social care, transport, education, sports and leisure.

Anne Atkins – Clerk