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Referendum Polling Card – What’s it for?

Over the last 5 years there have been several consultations on the content of the Hook Neighbourhood Plan.   Following Examination by an independent Inspector, Hart District Council approved the Plan to be taken to Referendum.  This means all registered electors of Hook have the final say in whether the Plan gets adopted and becomes part of Hart’s Planning Policy for Hook.

The document sets out the community’s objectives for the development and use of land in Hook.  It includes a vision of how the Village Centre can be revitalised, adds weight to the protection of our green spaces and moves us towards improved sports and leisure facilities.

The more people who turn out and vote “YES”, the stronger our defence against unwelcome development and ensures the strength of the Plan.

The Plan documents can be found online at www.hart.gov.uk/Hook.  A printed copy of the Plan and Examiner’s Report can be viewed at Hook Community Centre and at Elizabeth Hall.

Please encourage as many of your friends and family, who live in Hook, to vote.  Support your community by sharing the information we publish on our website, Facebook page and Hook App.  If you would like to display a poster in your window (there are a number of versions to choose from), they can be found below.  There is also a copy of our information leaflet.  For more information please contact the Parish Council Office 01256 768687 or contact us via Facebook or email info@hook.gov.uk

NP Referendum Information Handout

NP Referendum Poster 4 – Aqua

NP Referendum Poster 3 – Tropics

NP Referendum Poster 1 – Green