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Re – Opening of Play Areas this weekend

In line with the latest Government announcement we are working to reopen our play areas and outdoor gyms from Saturday 4th July provided the Council is satisfied all the necessary risk assessments, signage etc are in place.

We are responsible for 11 play areas and all of these need to be inspected and new signage installed by our Play Inspection Team before we can safely reopen to the public.

We are committed to maintaining them as safely as possible. All Parish play areas are inspected weekly, depending on use, so that hazards such as glass and litter are kept to a minimum and that the equipment is in good working order.

It is likely to take a number of days to complete all the necessary work and we ask residents to remain patient while we carry this out and not to use a play area or outdoor gym until it has been reopened. We are expecting to have all of our play areas open within the coming week.

In the meantime, please follow the guidance below:

1. If the playground facility you visit has not yet officially been opened, please do not attempt to use, or access the equipment or area.
2. Do not remove any temporary barriers/fencing to the playground or unravel any swing seats or cables that may have been secured to put them out of use –
this must be done safely by the Parish Council.
3. Once a play area is open, follow the current social distance guidelines when visiting, and encourage your children to do the same and follow any guidance displayed in the play area e.g. number of children per piece of equipment.
4. If the playground is busy, consider coming back at a later time. Talk to your children about this possibility before visiting.
5. Wash your and your children’s hands before and after visiting. Take hand sanitiser with you and consider taking a bottle of water for if your children’s hands get covered in mud. Ensure your children are using hand sanitiser frequently.
6. Follow and adhere to all current government advice in addition to the above guidance.

Poster detailing how to keep safe when using the play areas when they are re-opened