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Priority Services Registers – Have you registered ?

Are you or do you know someone who is vulnerable ?

Utility Companies providing Gas, Electricity and Water all keep Priority Services Registers, this is a free service provided by suppliers and network operators and each maintain their own register.

These registers are lists of their most vulnerable customers, so that in an emergency affecting their service, they can provide them with additional support.

With the virus outbreak in the UK, it is essential that they know where their customers are, who may be more vulnerable due to the virus, for example people over 70, anyone that is chronically sick or families with young children, in case they need additional support.

If people have already registered for the Priority Services Register of the companies which serve them that is fine – they need do no more. If they have not registered please ask them to register for these free Priority Services schemes so that companies can tailor their services to support them when they may need it most. Please contact each of your service providers for more information.