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Operation Resilience – Carriageway Surface Treatment

As part of the annual programme of works being undertaken by Operation Resilience, Hampshire Highways (HH) will shortly be undertaking ‘Surface Dressing’ maintenance treatments to extend the life of the highway at locations in your area.

The treatment is applied to the existing road surface, sealing it from water ingress, which is a major cause of potholes, whilst also restoring any lost skid resistance. The process is fast, efficient, and extremely effective in ensuring that our road surfaces are kept safe and serviceable for the longest possible period, whilst using as few non-sustainable material sources as possible.

The works are currently programmed to start as follows:

  • ST-HR22028 Dunleys Hill, Odiham – from High Street to Crumblins Meadows – programmed 8th August 2022. Road closure.
  • ST-HR22095 High Street, Odiham – from the B3349 to Coronation Close – programmed 8th August 2022. Road closure.
  • ST-HR22075 Western Lane, Odiham – from the B3349 to West Street Close – programmed 11th August 2022. Road closure.
  • ST-HR22021 B3349 Station Road, Hook – from M3 roundabout to Griffin Way – programmed 11th August 2022, To be carried out under stop/go boards, not road closure.
  • ST-HR22062 Post Horn Lane, Rotherwick – from The Street to Green Lane – programmed 11th August 2022. Road closure.
  • ST-HR22078 Frog Lane, Rotherwick – from Mill Lane to The Street programmed – programmed 11th August 2022. Road closure.
  • ST-HR22026 Cowfold Lane, Rotherwick – from Hook Road to B3349 Reading Road – programmed 11th August 2022. Road closure.
  • ST-HR22035 Well Road, Crondall – from  Well Road (Well) to Croft Lane – programmed 12th August 2022. Road closure.

The works are expected to last for 1 – 2 days, from approximately 09:00 – 16:30. If not

completed within this window, works may continue from 18:00 to 22:00. If the works are performed under a road closure, the road will be open outside of these hours. During a road closure, access for residents and businesses will be maintained wherever possible and safe to do so, however, some short delays are likely.

The works are weather sensitive and exact dates cannot be given in this letter. Yellow sign boards displaying approximate dates and times will be erected at the works limits. These will be updated as soon as possible in the event of any programme changes. A further letter will be hand delivered to properties immediately adjacent to the works in the 48 hours prior to the team arriving, to give notice of the impending start.

If you need to make a journey during the works, please allow a little extra time. Operatives stationed throughout the site will be happy to assist during a road closure either by directing you via a diversion, or through the works via the safest route. Pedestrians and emergency services will have access at all times.

Although the carriageway surface may appear sound, fine cracks and worn areas are starting to appear. If left untreated, they will deteriorate further, allowing water to penetrate. The surface dressing seals and preserves the existing surface and will follow the profile of the road. The process is fast, efficient, sustainable and extremely effective in prolonging the life of the carriageway by preventing water ingress and improving grip.

After 24 hours, we will mechanically sweep the road to remove any loose chippings. The nature of the treatment means there will be loose chippings on the road surface until it beds down, so it will be swept again after approximately two weeks.

To help complete this work with minimal inconvenience as possible, please follow this advice:

Please do not park on the road (during the day),or be prepared to move your vehicle until the road has been treated.

Please keep children and pets away from the new surface, for safety and cleanliness.

Check your shoes before entering your car or home.

In order to avoid potential injury or damage, please do not walk across the carriageway during the works unless directed by a member of the workforce.

If you need more information regarding these works, please contact.

E-Mail: roads@hants.gov.uk

Call:       0300 555 1388

All of Hampshire Highways planned works are published on https://one.network/, which is an independent platform that allows real-time monitoring of all the UK’s roadworks and diversions.