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One2One attempts to erect mobile phone mast at Station

One2One attempts to erect mobile phone mast at Hook Hampshire without Planning Permission

At 21.50 on Saturday 10th February contractors employed by One2One started work to erect a mobile phone mast on Railtrack land at the end of Hook station car park and close to houses in Bramshott Drive without planning permission. Over twenty residents surrounded the mast as it lay on its side in the station car park. District Councillor Fergus Kirkham and Parish Councillors Antony Hunter and Allen Saltmarsh were called to the scene bringing a letter dated 5th February 2001 from Hart District Council Planning department to One2One’s agent stating that Planning Permission had not been granted.

Despite being shown the letter which was then read out to them by Councillor Kirkham, the contractors insisted they were under orders to erect the mast regardless of the Planning situation. Hook Parish Council called the police who advised that any offence being carried out was a civil, not a criminal, offence and that they were powerless to take any action other than to make sure no violence occurred. Despite the protests of the residents, and the evidence produced by the Councillors, the contractors continued with preparations to erect the mast. At 3am a representative from Railtrack arrived and was shown the letter from Hart. He managed to contact his line manager and at 4am Railtrack withdrew permission for any further work to be carried out unless the Planning situation was resolved.

Hook Parish Council Planning Committee Chairman Antony Hunter said ” We deplore this attempt by One2One to erect a mast in the middle of the night without permission. We see it as a deliberate and flagrant abuse of the planning process”

Bramshott Drive resident James Newhouse said “A mast and substantial control cabin on this site, just 40 ft from housing, would be a massive blot on the local landscape. There are many more suitable sites in Hook”

Hook Parish Council Planning Committee Chairman Antony Hunter
James Newhouse