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One2One applies for planning permission for phone mast

One 2One applies for Planning Permission for a Phone Mast in a residential area of Hook

Mobile Phone company One2One has applied for permission for a mast on land at the roundabout where the A30 crosses the B3349 at Griffin Way Hook. The proposed site, on Highway land, is about halfway between the public footpath and the hedge on the boundary of Hook House Bungalow. The mast would be 10 metres high topped by a 1.7 metre antenna, with a 1 metre high control cabin about 2 metres from the footpath.

30 anxious residents from the area packed Hook Community Hall for the Parish Council Planning Committee Meeting on Wednesday 18th July. Hook Parish Council are recommending to Hart District Council that the application be refused for the following reasons

  1. The site is in a residential area. There is therefore significant potential risk to Public Health.
  2. The installation would be very visible and a significant intrusion on an attractive area of Hook.
  3. Planning guidelines now require operators to share sites. The applicants appear to have made no attempt to share with other operators. Suitable existing sites would include the Orange site at Osborne Way, which is on an industrial estate, and the Cellnet site at the Coach House Garden Centre.
  4. The positioning of the equipment cabin will restrict the line of sight of drivers coming West on the A30 from Hartley Wintney towards Hook. Their view of traffic coming south on the B3349 will be impaired. This line of sight will be further reduced when maintenance is being carried out.
  5. The position of the mast and the equipment would make any road accident at this location much more serious.

Ravenscroft resident Karen Wynne said “I am horrified at this application which compromises public health and road safety by proposing a mast in a residential area close to a busy approach road to our village”

Hook Parish Council Planning Committee Chairman Antony Hunter commented, “This application is unsafe and unnecessary. One2One has made no effort to share an existing site such as the one in the Osborne Way Industrial estate.”