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News Bulletin: October 2014

Hook Neighbourhood Plan – There has been an encouraging level of interest and offers of help with the development of a plan during events held locally during September.

  • A Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of planning document which gives local people a much greater say on how and where future development occurs within Hook.
  • A Neighbourhood Plan will consider what sort of homes should be provided in and around Hook in future and what sort of infrastructure should be put into place to support both new development and the existing community.
  • A Neighbourhood Plan once adopted, will become a statutory document, which would be taken into account when planning applications are submitted.

It is expected that a meeting will be arranged in the next month or so, when there will be an opportunity to hear more about the process, tasks and timescales for producing a plan. If you are interesting in attending that meeting, please contact clerk@hook.gov.uk

Local Plan – Hart District Council are consulting on the new Local Plan 2011-2032. The consultation document and is called the Housing Development Options Consultation Paper August 2014 which can be found at http://www.hart.gov.uk/local-plan. Residents and other interested parties are invited to comment and response form is on the Hart District website or from the Parish Council office.


The Parish Council would like to hear from residents that comment on the plan. Please e-mail planning@hook.gov.uk

There are five options suggested in the document, but as they are not yet ratified by the Members at Hart there could be an opportunity to change the allocations in the proposed plan and residents are urged to make comment.

The Local Plan failed examination, in part, because of lack of consultation with the neighbouring areas. There is a risk that Hart could be called upon to fulfil a housing need that could not be met by any other neighbouring authority that does not have a declared 5 year land supply. The Enterprise M3 Local Economic Partnership (LEP) their economic plan indicates that there needs to be acceleration in housing growth of 25% in the years 2014-2019.

The assessed need is 7,532 new dwellings in Hart. After various deductions (e.g. sites with planning permissions, including NE Hook) the residual requirement is 4,018. Taking into account the need indicated by the LEP, this is an annual requirement of 505 dwellings between 2014-2019 and 325 dwellings during 2019-2032.

The new plan is expected to be adopted in 2016

Major Planning Applications – Outline Permission has been granted for the 550 dwellings on NE Hook, subject to the Planning (Major Sites) Sub-Committee agreeing the final details necessary to address means of access, surface water drainage, proposed planning conditions and S106 obligations in respect of affordable housing, highway infrastructure, education, leisure and open space/recreational facilities etc.

Anne Atkins – Clerk