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News Bulletin: November 2014

Hook Neighbourhood Plan – On 2nd October Hart approved the designation of the Hook Neighbourhood Area in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. A public meeting has been planned for 18th November to explain the process, tasks and timescales for producing a plan. We have e-mailed directly all those who have already registered interest, but anyone is welcome. Please see the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group website for details of the venue and timings of the meeting.

Local Plan Options Consultation – Hook Parish Council submitted the following response to the questions in the Hart Local Plan five options for growth consultation:

  • Q1 – We would like you to rank the options in order of preference (priority), 1 being your favourite option, and 5 being your least favourite option. Response :
    • Priority 1 – Option 1 Settlement Focus. This involves brown field sites, which is likely to occur anyway, independent of the Local Plan. This is highly sustainable and members strongly support this option.
    • Priority 2 – Option 4 Focused Growth (New settlement). This is the preferred option. It allows for sufficient funds to be secured, providing appropriate infrastructure. Sustainability score is highest and is more appropriate and deliverable than 3. This option would take up to 10 years to deliver so would be delivered with a combination of Option 1, and Option 2, required to provide the housing in the interim.
    • Priority 3 – Option 2 Dispersal Strategy. This puts Hook in the frame, which is a continuation of existing policy. Hook will have already taken 10% of the total. Some areas do not have sufficient identified sites to take any significant housing. The NPSG is unconvinced that the distribution would be proportionate and fair, being subject to site availability elsewhere. This is high risk for Hook, making it difficult to ensure infrastructure improvements to support the level of growth.
    • Priority 4 – Option 3 Focused growth (Strategic urban extensions). Both sides of Hook would have to take large development in addition to the 700 already taken. This is in direct competition with Option 4, but less sustainable.
    • Priority 5 – Option 5. Only the ground nesting birds/SPA would benefit from this option. This would adversely affect RAF Odiham. From a Hook perspective this option would be a disaster. Members do not support this option.
  • Q2 – None of the options suggest housing in Hart’s smallest villages and hamlets. Do you think even the smallest settlements should see some new housing? Response: Yes, but only for rural affordable housing for local need.
  • Q3 – If Option 4 (Focused Growth – New Settlement) were selected, where in Hart do you think the new settlement should be located and how large should it be? Please give reasons for your views. Response: In the area that is within easy access of the underutilised railway station at Winchfield. In addition, Minley Barracks could be a possible site being adjacent to the M3 particularly if Hart is expected to meet some of the housing needs for Rushmoor.
  • Q4 – Are there any other possible housing development options? Response: No comment

Re-usable recycling bags – There has been a growing trend for people to tie their recycling up in plastic carrier bags, which unfortunately means it gets sent for incineration rather than recycled. Hart has supplied a quantity of re-usable recycling bags which are available from the Parish Council Office. They are designed for people to keep in the home, fill with recycling, empty the contents into the blue recycling bin and then continue to refill and empty the bag as required. Please contact us if you would like to collect a bag for your household.

Anne Atkins – Clerk