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News Bulletin: November 2001

Following objections from residents and the Parish Council, Vodafone has been refused permission to upgrade their telephone mast in the station car park to provide the latest generation of technology as the mast would be close to housing. Hart, with Parish Council support, propose to approve an application for an installation by Cellnet in Osborne Way. Both we and Hart are aware of some objections from residents, but this installation would share the mast that already exists in Osborne Way which is on an industrial estate, well away from housing and with minimum possible impact on the street scene. A high proportion of our population use mobile phones so the masts to serve them have to go somewhere and we take the view that Osborne Way is the least unsuitable site in Hook.

Some of the foot paths in the woods round Hook are in good condition, but others could be improved by some minor work to the surface of the paths or repairs to stiles. We would welcome the help of a volunteer walker to keep us informed of footpath problems that need action and to help us concentrate the limited money that is available on those paths that people value the most. If you would like to help please contact Deputy Parish Clerk Anne Atkins on 768687.

Hart District Council recently held a public meeting at Robert Mays to obtain local views on the future of the RAF Odiham site if the RAF decide to move their helicopter base elsewhere. The meeting had a strong preference for persuading the RAF to remain, or if they do decide to leave a hope that another military unit would take their place. A number of other ideas involving commercial use of the airfield for testing or aircraft repairs were also discussed. Your Parish Council put forward the suggestion that, if the RAF were to leave, the use of some of this existing Brown Field site for housing would be a better idea than building houses on local Green Field sites.

The footpath through Hartletts Park will be closed on Saturday 3rd November which coincides as usual with the annual Hook Schools Bonfire and Firework Display. The closure is for safety reasons and also to ensure that the path does not become a public Right of Way. Please remove all cars from the Community Centre car park by 4pm as rocket sticks and other bits of firework will be landing in that area.

Sadly Michael Clark has decided that for personal reasons he can no longer continue as a Parish Councillor. We much appreciate all he has done over the six years he has been a Councillor and will miss his sound commonsense approach to Parish issues. Michael’s resignation creates a vacancy for a new Councillor to serve until May 2003, so please watch the Parish notice boards for further information.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 21st November at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor