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News Bulletin: October 2016


The Hook Taxi Bus service was relaunched as the Hook Hoppa in September, under the banner ‘Connecting the Community’.   The new route and frequency of service has been expanded to include most areas of Hook.  If you have not already received a copy of the new timetable through you door, please contact the Parish Council Office for information.  For the service to be retained, it needs to be used frequently – remember the saying ‘use it or lose it’! There has been lots of initial interest in this new service, which is good news.

MEN’S SHED – a nationwide movement

A Men’s Shed is a larger version of a typical man’s shed in the garden.  It offers men of all ages, who like to pursue practical pursuits such as woodworking or metalworking, a place to share tools and resources to work on a variety of personal or community projects. Men’s Sheds are places where men can come together for skill sharing, informal learning and to enjoy social and leisure time. There are already 334 Men’s Sheds operating across the UK, with more opening all the time. They are underpinned by a wealth of evidence that they help men stay connected, active and contribute much to participants’ wellbeing.

Hart District Council has approached Hook Parish Council regarding the establishment in Hook of the first Hart District Men’s Shed.  A great deal of interest has been shown by Hook residents to have a Men’s Shed sited within the Parish. This initiative would be funded by grants, not from Hook’s precept.

Due to the initial interest in this project, an open meeting is being held in Hook Community Centre on Monday, 17th October at 7.15 pm for all those (both male and female) interested in setting up the first Hart District Men’s Shed in Hook. Please show your support by coming along to speak with like-minded people and to get involved at a local level in this growing, nationwide movement.
Let’s make sure that Hook hosts the first Men’s Shed in Hart.


It was fantastic to see so many people turn out to support the Hook Village Show.  From the entrants to the competitions, to the sponsors and stall holders, but especially to the many volunteers that made it all happen, it truly was a community event.  Thanks to everyone who helped to make the show a huge success.


If you would like to have an informal chat with a Parish Councillor about anything relating to Hook, please join us in Hartletts Café on the 4th Tuesday of every month in from 6 – 7pm. The next one is on Tuesday 25th October. Further dates are:

22nd November 2016
24th January 2017
28th February 2017
28th March 2017


Hook Parish Council is very fortunate to attract a wide range of Councillors, many of whom have challenging working lives.  Unfortunately, job changes or work commitments sometimes mean they cannot complete their four year term as a Councillor.   The decision to resign is never taken lightly and it is always sad to lose knowledgeable, committed and hardworking volunteers from the Council or any community organisation.

In September we were sorry to publish a Notice of Vacancy arising from the resignation of Martin Whittaker.

If at least ten residents write to the Returning Officer at Hart District Council requesting a ballot, a by-election will be called to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council.  The closing date for letters is 5th October at 5.00 pm.  If insufficient letters are received by Hart, the vacancy will be filled by Co-option in due course.


Hook is soon to have a second defibrillator, courtesy of the British Heart Foundation, which will be located in Hartletts Park.  Part of their Nation of Lifesavers Community Scheme involves helping more people access CPR training.  We now have a CPR training kit, which is available free of change on loan to any Community Groups that would like to arrange its own training session.  Please get in touch with the Parish Clerk to get more information about the kit and its availability


  • Men’s Shed Meeting – Monday 17th October in Hook Community Centre
  • Children’s Halloween Holiday Fun (Free) – Friday 28th October in Elizabeth Hall
  • Children’s Animal and Wildlife Fun Day (Free) – Wednesday 15th February 2017 – 11.30am to 4pm in Hook Community Centre
  • Hook Annual Village Meeting – Wednesday 24th May 2017
  • Hook Health and Wellbeing Day – Saturday 20th May 2017