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News Bulletin: February 2016


We like good news in Hook and this month we can announce that the Hook Precept (the Parish Council element of the Council Tax) will remain at £321,400 again this year.  In practice, based on a Band D household, this means £1.89 pw which is a slight reduction compared with 2015-2016.

The Precept covers the running costs of the services provided by the Parish Council and management of all its assets – open spaces such as Bassetts Mead, playgrounds, sports pitches, cemeteries, street lighting, trees, public art and Christmas lights.  We continue to offer free pre-application planning consultations, to work closely on the development of the Hook Neighbourhood Plan and emerging Hart Local Plan.  We support a number of local organisations, events and charities, such as The Base Youth Centre and Hook Christmas Cracker.  Where possible we obtain additional funding to enable enhancements to the facilities in Hook and secure them for the long term.


At the time or writing we understand the re-consultation on the local plan will commence at the end of January and will be for a period of 6 weeks.  All previous electronic responders will be contacted and asked if they wish to re-submit, which will be a one click action.  It is not clear how paper responses already submitted will be handled.  We will post new information via our usual channels as it becomes available.

See the [link]Hook Neighbourhood Plan[/link] website for an update on our joint response.


There are lots of great activities, organisations, charities and clubs operating in Hook, plus new ones that have recently started up since the reopening of Hook Community Centre.  With this in mind, the Parish Council is hosting a free (to both exhibitors and visitors) Health and Wellbeing Event in the community centre on Thursday 7th April from noon until 8.00pm.

The times and date were chosen so that everyone has a chance to come along and talk to exhibitors and for organisations to network.  In addition to stands, there will be training on how and when to use the defibrillator, first aid training and demonstrations.  Refreshments will be available with proceeds going to Hook In Bloom.


Hook already has a very good Wellbeing Directory and now moves are afoot to expand the directory and improve access to the information.  Hart Voluntary Action will set up a dedicated Hook section on its database.  Hook is invited to be the first in Hart to use the new system and pave the way for other towns and villages in the district.  If an organisation you are involved with would like to be included please email: clerk@hook.gov.uk .


Without even trying to recruit, 10 very enthusiastic volunteers have stepped forward to help with Hook In Bloom.  More details on page x and in next month’s Hook Focus. The campaign will be officially launched at the Health and Wellbeing event, but in the meantime, the committee are currently seeking grants and sponsorships, organising the competitions and the Village Show. The three parts of Hook In Bloom are:

  1. A business and community In Bloom competition, in support of 2 below;
  2. To enhance the centre of the village and other identified areas with new planting; and
  3. To hold a Flower and Produce Show as part of the Village Show on 11th September.

So whilst the weather is cold think about your gardens and allotments and plan how your family is going to take part.


Do you know anyone who should be awarded the Hook Community Award?  The only firm rule is that the service to the community, for which the award is to be considered, must have been on an entirely voluntary basis and over a sustained period. Previous nominations that did not result in an award have not been carried forward so please re-nominate. Please email nominations to clerk@hook.gov.uk by 31st March 2016.


Sue Hinton

Parish Councillor

PR and Media Portfolio Holder