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Monthly Bulletin: May/June 2020

At the time of writing, the COVID-19 lockdown had just begun to ease.  The measures announced on 10th May, enabled us to swiftly re-open the Tennis Courts and Basketball area, with the proviso that social distancing was still adhered to.   We will continue to follow Government advice and guidelines until normality can resume.   As facilities, activities and events begin to take place, we will be posting updates via Facebook, Hook App, Noticeboards, our website, and Hook Focus.


The Parish Council office remains closed with all staff working from home.  An Extraordinary Meeting of the Council was held at the end of March, to enable the Executive Officer to continue to manage the day to day business of the Council, whilst using e-mail and video conferencing to communicate with Councillors.  This has ensured that the bills got paid, with essential facilities and services continuing uninterrupted.

Play areas and open spaces are still being monitored and waste bins emptied, ensuring that equipment remained safe and the areas are clean.  Grass is being cut in our open spaces, so with lockdown easing, residents can enjoy exercising outdoors.  In response to reports of breaches of some play areas and antisocial behaviour in the early weeks, a private security company undertook patrols and we received very positive feedback from residents in some parts of Hook.

The health and wellbeing of our community remains the top priority.  The Executive Officer was designated by Hart Response Hub, to co-ordinate Hook volunteers and residents needing support (shopping, medication delivery or a regular phone chat), who registered with the County Council or Hart Response Hub or contacted the Parish Council directly.

We are very grateful to all the volunteers for coming to the aid of our community.  The Hook Support Group should be congratulated for their wonderful work, shopping and delivering countless bags of groceries.  The overall volume of support requests has been comparatively small in Hook.  This is due to the number of residents supporting their friends and neighbours and improved access to online deliveries.  Well done to everyone for following the guidance, staying indoors, supporting others and staying safe.


Our ‘new look’ Annual Report 2019-20 went to print just before lockdown, and was delivered to every household in April, as usual.  If you did not get a copy, please call the Parish Council Office on 01256 768687 and we will be happy to deliver one.


Whilst non-critical business has been deferred, meetings of the Council and Committees have been cancelled until social distancing measured make it feasible to meet face to face.    If urgent business does need to be discussed, virtual meetings will be held, with the Agenda published the week prior to the meeting.  The Agenda will include information and links to enable public participation.   The AGM of the Council is usually held in May, but Government has removed this requirement, so this meeting will take place as soon as practicable.


Hart has delivered a support leaflet to all residents and businesses.  If you did not receive one, please let the Parish Council office know or it can be viewed at https://www.hart.gov.uk/covid-19-council-services.

ECHO HOTEL MUSIC CLUB – 2020 Progamme cancelled.  See the Facebook Page here for more details

ANNUAL VILLAGE MEETING – 15th September 2020 subject to COVID Advice