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News Bulletin: March 2002

A number of residents have provided us with feedback on the traffic calming experiment in Reading Road. Opinions vary from those who believe the scheme is unnecessary to those who feel that much more radical action is needed even to the extent of closing the road completely. Most opinions seem to be in favour of a scheme, but with a feeling that the design of the experiment needs some changes We will be discussing the experiment and other highway issues with Douglas Hill from Hampshire Highways at our next Parish Council Meeting on 6th March. Villagers are always welcome to attend our meetings , and we hope to see some of you at the highways session.

Hart District Council are in the process of refusing permission for One2One to install a mobile phone mast on the A30 junction with the B3349 on the basis that fundamentally the application is no different from the one that was made last year. Hopefully One2One will now apply to share the existing mast in Osborne Way. Hart are in the process of considering the Barratt application for development of the Foundry site. Hampshire County Council have been consulted and have required Barratts to submit an assessment of the likely traffic impact of their proposals.

Berkeley Homes, who will be developing the Holt Lane site on which outline planning permission was granted in November 2000, are in the process of applying for detailed planning permission for the first phase of the development which will be at the northern end of the site. Arrangements have been made for the plans to be on public display in the Community Hall in Ravenscroft between 6pm and 7.30pm on Thursday 28th February. Representatives of Berkeley Homes and the Parish Council will be present to answer questions.

Work on the installation of traffic signals at the Dorchester Arms junction starts on 25th February and is expected to take two months. The same contractors will also be installing the Pelican crossings in Griffin Way South and outside the butchers in the village centre.

We recognise that the Elizabeth Hall play area is in need of a major refit, so following research into the equipment produced by various manufacturers ideas were on view for several weeks in the Elizabeth Hall. We are grateful for the helpful feedback from mothers and the children themselves. Deputy Parish Clerk Anne Atkins and the Amenities Committee are now working to obtain firm quotes for a suitable scheme which recognises the fact that it would be popular with children to have different styles of play equipment in our various play areas.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday March 6th at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor