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Lodge Farm – Pre App

You may be aware that applications have been submitted to Hart District Council planning department in respect of a site at Lodge Farm, North Warnborough.
At the moment, there are two applications: the first (ref: 22/01347/EIA) is for a ‘Scoping Opinion’. Prior to making a planning application, a developer may ask the local planning authority for advice on the scope of the information to be gathered during the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and to be covered in the Environmental Statement (which reports on the findings of the EIA, and which is submitted as part of the planning application). The opinion given is called a ‘scoping opinion’.
The second application (ref: 22/01355/PREAPP) is for pre-application advice. Again, this can be sought by the developer in advance of submitting a full planning application. The pre-application process provides an opportunity for a developer to engage with the local planning authority in advance of submitting a full planning application.
Hook Parish Council will be discussing the current applications at its next Planning and Infrastructure Committee meeting on 13th July and will then make responses to Hart DC.
Neither of these submissions is a full planning application at this stage, but they indicate that one is likely to come forward in the near future. If such an application for development comes forward, Hook Parish Council will expect to review and comment on the proposals in some detail.