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News Bulletin: June 2002

At the Hart Local Elections Jonathan Glen and Andrew Henderson were re-elected to the District Council and are joined by Sean Haffey who was elected for the first time. All three now represent Hook and Rotherwick and we look forward to working with them in the interests of residents. Sean and Colleen and their two sons have lived in Hook since 1994. Hook owes much to Fergus Kirkham, who was not re-elected in May. Fergus has provided strong support and advice to the Parish and to many residents, particularly on Planning issues, in the eight years he has represented us.

The Village Garden and Cemetery was, and is, intended to be a quiet place for reflection and the memory of loved ones and was never intended as a through route to school. After complaints about noise and disturbance from a number of villagers the through route was recently closed by locking the gates near the school. Following a request at the Annual Village Meeting we have reconsidered the situation but have decided that use of the Garden and Cemetery should remain as originally intended.

The Dorchester Arms Junction now has traffic lights, at long last, after years of serious accidents going back to 1911, and pressure by Parish, District and County Councillors in support of residents. The formal opening ceremony took place in the rain on Monday 13th May attended by the Hampshire County Council team, District and Parish Council representatives, and local residents. The phasing of the lights may need adjusting once traffic flows have settled down. By the time Focus is distributed the two new Pelican crossings outside the butchers and in Griffin Way should also be complete.

There were some moments of local concern that a phone mast might be about to be installed when a concrete base appeared near the edge of the road at the A30 / B3349 roundabout in mid May. After some hasty checks we discovered that Hart are in the process of installing pollution monitoring equipment and a small cabin will soon be on site. The results of the air quality monitoring will be available on the Hart web site :www.hart.gov.uk.

The planned refit of the Elizabeth Hall Play area has now begun. Safety and general improvements to the play areas in Hartletts Park, John Morgan Close and Wellworth Park are also under way. Drainage improvements to the Wellworth Park play area will take place in June. We have received a number of complaints about the collapse of the wall between Wellworths and Wellworth Park and the gradual spread of building materials into the Park. The wall is Wellworth’s property and we are presssing them to rebuild it with all speed.

The hydrological survey of Holt Lane has now been provided showing how sewerage and rain water will be processed. The report shows that the cause of past flooding in Holt Lane during heavy rainfall has been the limited capacity of the piped culverts, silting up of the drainage ditch, and lack of maintenance. All these problems will be tackled as part of the development work.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 5th June at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor