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News Bulletin: June 2000

At our meeting on 3rd May Chairmen for the current municipal year were appointed. Peter Jennions is Chairman of the Parish Council with Tony Taylor as Vice-Chairman, Colin Brown Chairman of the Amenities Committee, Gillian Morgan Chairman of the Garden and Cemetery Committee, and Antony Hunter Chairman of the Planning Committee. As is usual David Deadman is focal point of contact for Parish Council matters apart from Garden and Cemetery issues where the main contact is Frank Sopwith.
As we go to press Hart have advised us that they are about to issue consultation letters for outline Planning Permission at Holt Lane. We have yet to see the application, but understand that as expected, it will be for the general layout of 285 houses and in keeping with the overall brief for the site which Hart have prepared in conjunction with the developers and a number of interested bodies including ourselves. Detailed design of roads and individual houses will be provided later. The plans will be available for inspection as usual at Hart District Council Offices in Fleet, but in view of their importance to everyone in Hook and, particularly those who live in that area, there will be an opportunity for villagers to see them at a special meeting of the Parish Council Planning Committee. This is scheduled for Wednesday 14th June at 8pm. The location will be confirmed on the Parish Council notice boards.
Budgens new supermarket recently opened and put up their new signs prior to obtaining Planning Permission. Planning for the somewhat garish signs has been declined by Hart at the request of the Parish Council. We are in the process of agreeing changes to the signs with Budgens to achieve a solution that is more appropriate to the village centre.

The new BMX skating facility is complete and already being energetically used by enthusiastic fans. A date for the formal opening of the facility is being arranged for July. The date will be confirmed in the next issue of Focus and we hope to see many skateboarders at the event.

A warm welcome to our new District Councillor Andrew Henderson who was elected to represent Hook on 4th May. Andrew expects to attend Parish Council meetings from time to time and we look forward to working with him and continuing to work with Councillor Fergus Kirkham.

Finally we are still pressing the Highways Authority for renewal of the stripes on the Zebra Crossing in Station Road.
The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 21st June at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor