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News Bulletin: July / August 2015

Councillor Gordon Winter – As we went to press with this newsletter we received the shocking and sad news that Gordon had passed away suddenly on Tuesday 16th June. Our thoughts are with Jenny and all his family. A full appreciation of Gordon will be published in the next issue of Focus.

Parish Council Vacant Seats – At the time of writing, eight applications had been received for the four vacant seats. Applications will be accepted until the end of June. All applicants will be expected to attend the Parish Council meeting on 1st July and the meeting on 5th August, at which the Council will vote to select the new Councillors. Details of how to apply and Agendas for the meetings can be found on our website, noticeboards or from the Parish Council office.

Hook Neighbourhood Plan – Please see the Neighbourhood Plan Website for the latest progress update.

2015 Annual Village Meeting – A well attending meeting took place at Hook Community Centre on 27th May. Residents heard very informative presentations from:

  • County Councillor Glen, who gave an update on the priorities of the County Council.
  • Daniel Hawes, Hart District Council’s Planning Policy Manager, reported on the current situation with the development of the Local Plan.
  • Hook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group representatives presented the results of the surveys completed by residents, businesses and employees in Hook, the Vision and Objectives of the Plan and invited people to join one of five Theme Groups which will look at specific areas highlighted in the Vision. See the Neighbourhood Plan Website for more information.
  • Chief Inspector Matthew Reeves explained planned changes to the structure and delivery of policing services.

The minutes and copies of the presentations will be available on the Parish Council website in July.

Hampshire County Council (HCC) Spending Consultation – HCC is anticipating a shortfall in funding of around £98 million by April 2017. Between Tuesday 26 May and Monday 6 July 2015 it is undertaking a consultation, asking residents for their views on:

  1. Setting Council Tax levels
  2. Use of its reserves
  3. Making changes to the way some services are delivered.

The reviews includes options relating to Adult Services – care and support services for older people and people with disabilities, reshaping the care market, the way longer-term residential based care is provided and charging for adult social care.

To take part visit www.hants.gov.uk/spendingreviewsurvey or via hard copies from Hampshire libraries or by calling 0300 555 1375.

Hop Garden Appeal – The Appeal hearing concluded on Wednesday 10th June. The Planning Inspectorate website states that the Appeal Decision will be issued on or before 22nd July.

Local Plan – Rushmoor Borough Council has published a draft local plan, this sets out how Aldershot, Farnborough and North Camp could be developed up to 2032. The Plan contains its estimate of how much housing it can deliver over the next 15 years. Rushmoor think that its constraints mean that it will fall short by 1,600 homes. Under Government rules Hart would pick up this shortfall. The six-week public consultation runs from Monday 8 June to Monday 20 July. Hart District Council, the Parish Council and Hook Development Action Group are keen to encourage residents to write to Rushmoor objecting to the fact that it has not demonstrated that it has maximised its potential to meet its housing needs. An electronic response form can be found at: www.rushmoor.gov.uk/newlocalplan . The Parish Council will be considering a response to the Rushmoor Local Plan consultation at the meeting to be held on 1st July 2015, the response will be published on the Parish Council website.

RAF Odiham Families Day – We have been informed that this annual event will be held on 23rd July. As a result there will be significant upsurge in aircraft activity, which may be of particular interest to those with horses.

Lost items are often handed into the Parish Council office. Most recently house keys were found in Hartletts Park. Please contact the Parish Council office to check if any lost items have been handed in.

Anne Atkins – Clerk