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News Bulletin: July / August 2004

Comment was made at the Annual Village Meeting that the significant number of cars regularly parked by dog walkers near the bend in Great Sheldons Coppice causes a road safety hazard. In our view possible solutions would include a lay-by or double yellow lines, though the first would be expensive and the second would require legal procedures to install and be hard to enforce. We have now been able to discuss the situation with Highways, who take the view that a combination of sensible parking and sensible driving are sufficient to deal with the topic. They point out that the road is relatively wide and is subject to a 30mph speed limit. As far as spending priorities are concerned they believe there is no case for any action.

The second phase of the Newnham Road traffic calming has now been in place for some months. Feedback from residents leads us to believe that the speeds have reduced but probably not as much as we had hoped. Following discussion with Highways arrangements are being made for the Police to conduct speed checks on the road.

Two teenagers were recently caught spraying graffiti near Elizabeth Hall and the Police were alerted. We understand that they intend to prosecute. Hopefully the news will spread that this pair have been caught and others will learn that this antisocial behaviour is totally unacceptable.

We have agreed a plan with Highways to overcome the damage vehicles have caused to the planting at the entrance to Grand Parade car park. The cobbled area will be removed and the entrance widened so that two cars can pass. A high kerb will then be installed to protect the remaining planting at the entrance.

As mentioned in the local press work has stopped completely on the Police House in London Road. We understand that the original contractor is unable to complete the work which means that the Police will have to obtain fresh tenders from new contractors. A delay is inevitable particularly as it is always hard to find a contractor prepared to complete work started by another builder.

New signs have recently been installed by Hart in their Car Parks. Hart agree that some of the wording could be misinterpreted so arrangements are being made to change the sentence concerned. Free evening parking is still allowed.

The recent warm weather has encouraged hedges to grow faster and earlier than normal. Please bear in mind that if you own a hedge it is your responsibility to make sure it does not obstruct the footpath.

Antony Hunter