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News Bulletin: January 2004

The Retailers’ Christmas Cracker was a very successful event : congratulations to the organisers and all who participated in so many ways. The Parish Council was delighted to provide support and many people have already said how much they look forward to 2004! The whole event strengthened the Community.

There have been many favourable comments about this years Christmas lights. We have had a number of donations, but the bulk of the new lighting was donated by Basingstoke and Deane, as it was equipment that they no longer needed.

There has recently been a significant increase in teenage antisocial behaviour, by both boys and girls, in Wellworth Park on weekday evenings. Those involved seem to be in the 13 to 16 age group. Not only has this caused inconvenience to nearby residents, but broken bottles have regularly been found in the children’s play area on the following morning. Parents of teenagers can help by asking their sons and daughters if they might be able to identify the culprits?

Completion of the Newnham Road traffic calming scheme has been delayed but the project is now expected to be completed in January.

The Barratt development on London Road continues and has, inevitably, caused both Highway and Footpath disruption in London Road. We are working with Hampshire Highways to tighten supervision of the overflow of construction vehicles onto the A30, closures of the footpath, and the use of metal plates to cover the access road as they produce an uneven surface which is hazardous to pedestrians.

Our very many thanks to David Ridley who ceases to be Parish Clerk at the end of December. He has done much for Hook during his term, which has coincided with an increase in Government demand on Parishes and our own determination, as members, to do more to meet the needs and concerns of all who live in Hook. Julie Ridley has been providing very effective secretarial support for years and we are so pleased that she is able to continue to work with us. We are delighted that Anne Atkins is stepping up to Parish Clerk. It is an appropriate time to reconsider the way that we work as a Parish Council. The key to this change will be the setting up of a Parish Council office to provide a key point of contact, both by telephone and face to face, for all who have issues that they would like to raise with the Parish.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor