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How you can help ?

We have had a number of people contact us asking how they can help others in our community. This is lovely to see. As there are already official groups that are up and running coordinating offers of help with those in need, please can you contact them as we do not want to dilute their effectiveness or miss someone who requires help by starting our own.

The two we are currently aware of are:

Hart Voluntary Action – https://www.hartvolaction.org.uk/coronavirus/local-updates/

COVID-19 North East Hampshire – https://www.facebook.com/groups/covid19hampshire which has been set up by our local MP (Ranil Jayawardena)

In the coming weeks, it isn’t just the elderly and those with underlying health conditions that will require help. It might not be physical help that is needed e.g collecting and delivery food or medical supplies you may find that you can offer support from home via the internet and social media.

You may have an expertise that others may find helpful, for example, teaching or counselling. A large number of parents are going to be trying to juggle home working with homeschooling. The way our children learn is very different to the way many parents learnt and being able to get some advice from teachers, I am sure, would be gratefully received. Maybe this whole situation is becoming overwhelming and talking it through with someone who has counselling experience or with a friend can help reduce your anxiety and worries.

In this unprecedented situation, it is lovely to see residents and local businesses helping each other.