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You will have received a leaflet through your door advising you of a consultation event that was held on Tuesday 2nd May 2pm – 8pm. This was an event run by Hart District Council to discuss all aspects of the Hart Local Plan. On Sunday 7th May we (Hook Parish Council) hosted an event at Elizabeth Hall explaining how the Hart Local Plan would affect Hook residents.

There are two further opportunities for you to see what the Hart Local Plan means for Hook residents.

  • The display boards from our event can be view in the foyer of the Hook Community Centre until the end of the consultation on the 9th June.
  • Prior to the Annual Village Meeting 24th May at Hook Community Centre, our staff will be available for you to ask any questions and view the display between 7pm – 8:30pm, when the formal meeting starts. The Hook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be providing an update during the meeting. https://hook.gov.uk/storage/2017/04/Annual-Village-Meeting-Agenda-24th-May-2017.pdf

Your response to the current draft Local Plan Consultation is essential if you wish to share your views on the further development of Hook. Previous responses to earlier consultations will not be taken into account.

Once adopted, this Plan will become Planning Policy until 2032. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say.

Please provide your comments via planningpolicy@hart.gov.uk or by post to Hart District Council, Harlington Way, Fleet, GU51 4AW by

5pm on Friday 9th June 2017

Please copy your comments to Hook Parish Council (planning@hook.gov.uk). Your comments to Hart will assist your Parish Council in forming its response.

On Thursday 18th May our draft comments to Hart District Council will be published on this page. On Thursday 8th June our final comments will be published on this page and submitted to Hart District Council. Slide 3 of the A3 2017 Local Plan Consultation Info – final document summarises the Parish Councils main concerns we have in regards to the local plan

Below are the links to the information and maps that are on display and were shown on Sunday 7th May and will be shown at the Annual Village Meeting:

A3 2017 Local Plan Consultation What is SANG

A3 2017 Local Plan Consultation Info – final

New Dwellings Being Provided in Hook

Proposed Office Conversions and Brownfield Developments

Below is the link to the exhibition boards Hart District Council are showing at their roadshows.  The pages relevant to Hook are 1, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12.