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Hart District Council’s Winter Weather Information 2011

Hart District Council has issued the following information about dealing with snow and ice this winter:-

A copy of Hart District Council’s Snow Plan can be found on our website at www.hart.gov.uk/hart_snow_planv6-dec11_without_contact_details_.pdf.

This plan which details how the Council will prioritise its resources on snow clearance works has recently been updated to reflect the new shared working arrangements with Basingstoke and Deane for waste, street cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Whilst Hart is as well prepared as it can be to clear snow from our car parks and priority pedestrian areas the council’s response will always be limited and we are keen to encourage residents / community groups to plan ahead and think about how best they can help themselves.

If everyone made the effort to clear the snow from the footpath at the front of their property or shop then it would make it a lot easier for everyone to get around, and allow Hart to focus its scarce resources on priority areas and the more vulnerable in the community. To assist people in finding salt and snow clearing equipment a list of local suppliers is provided on Hart’s website at www.hart.gov.uk/supplier_list_-_snow.pdf.

One of the misunderstandings that we are trying to dispel is the belief that people who clear snow from footpaths are likely to put themselves at risk of being sued. This is just a myth, and it is very unlikely that this situation would arise provided that the area is cleared safely and effectively. The government have recently updated their advice on this, and further information can be found on the direct gov website at: www.direct.gov.uk/en/Nl1/Newsroom/DG_191868.

Please remember Hampshire County Council are responsible for the salting and clearing the highway network details of their priority salt routes can be found at: www3.hants.gov.uk/roads/winter-maintenance/road-salting.htm.

If changes have to be made to waste and recycling collections because of bad weather, they will be announced on Hart’s website.