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News Bulletin: February 2001

By the time Focus is published the exhibition of plans for the Dorchester Arms junction will have taken place. Hampshire County Council have developed three ideas for public consultation. The traffic light solution would involve minor changes to the central islands with lights installed to control both the junction and a pedestrian crossing. Alternatively a roundabout could be installed along with a reduction in the road width to one lane on the approaches to the junction. The third option would be a larger roundabout. At the exhibition Hampshire demonstrated that although the first two options could be installed within the existing road junction, the larger roundabout would require the acquisition of some common land and part of the Dorchester Arms Car Park, which could delay the whole process by at least a further year. The Parish Council believe that the traffic light option could well encourage drivers to accelerate, rather than slow down if they see a green light. Our view tends towards a roundabout option, but our final opinion will be decided after the Exhibition. This is an important opportunity to improve road safety at this notorious junction. If you did not have the chance to complete a comment card at the exhibition please write to Mr Syd Sadro (Project Manager) Hampshire County Council Environment Grouping, The Castle, Winchester SO23 8UD

Several times a year Mr Douglas Hill from the Area Surveyors office of the County Council attends our Parish Council meeting to discuss matters of concern to Hook. At our next meeting topics we will be discussing with him will include : Traffic Calming in Reading Road, ” Kill Your Speed” signs in Griffin Way, Flooding at the junction of Station Road and London Road and obstruction being caused to pedestrians and drivers by certain advertising boards in the centre of the village. All these topics have been raised with us by many villagers so do come along!

Following on from our advertising interviews have been held for the post of Deputy Parish Clerk. The interviewing committee was delighted with the quality of all the candidates and Mr David Ridley has now been appointed. David, his wife Julie, and their two children have lived in Hook for over fifteen years. In addition to deputising for David Deadman he will take prime responsibility for managing amenity projects in liaison with the Chairman of the Amenity Committee. The supervision of developer funded schemes in Holt Lane will be a key part of his work when the house building moves from planning to implementation.

The next meeting of the Parish Council, including the meeting with Douglas Hill from Area Surveyors, is on Wednesday 7th February 2001 at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor