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Development Update 25 January 2014

In the absence of a local plan for housing, a number of developers are applying for permission to build on sites around Hook:-

A planning application has been submitted for a site at Reading Road. This was considered by Hook Parish Council in January and objections were made. The full details of the application and of the Council’s objections can be seen on the District Council’s planning portal – the application number to search for is 13/02585/MAJ.

At the other end of Hook, Taylor Wimpey have made an application on land off Brown Croft (“High Ridge Farm”). This is an outline application and so far only Access has been considered, with other matters being reserved. The Parish Council have raised objections to this one also – the application number is 13/02567/MAJOR.

Charles Church also applied for a scoping opinion on land at the end of Hop Garden Road. This was to ascertain whether they needed to do an Environmental Impact Assessment – they don’t. They have yet to submit a planning application.

The Sainsbury’s planning application has now been granted planning permission by Hart District Council, subject to approval from the Secretary of State. Tesco have now also submitted an application for an enlarged store, to be situated on the site currently occupied by Rawlings Transport.