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News Bulletin: December 2010

Faster broadband could come to Hook sooner than expected if sufficient residents vote for it to happen. Unless there is substantial evidence of demand we could languish low on the list for new fibre optic cabling whilst we are leapfrogged by others. It is easy to vote by going to the Parish Council page at www.hook.gov.uk and following the link.

Following the bad weather of last winter we asked residents to nominate roads which they felt would benefit from self help salt bins. Naturally enough the bulk of the roads nominated are in the hilly area to the left of Sheldons road on leaving Hook. Highways have allocated fourteen bins to roads on the Hook list and those who made the nominations have been advised. Highways have stressed that whilst they will supply the bins and fill them when needed, if the bins are abused in any way or residents use the publicly owned grit for their private property, rather than on the public highway, the bin concerned will be removed.

The Annual Village Meeting will take place on 27th April 2011 at the Elizabeth Hall so do make a note in your diary to attend! The format we introduced some years ago has proved popular and numbers attending continue to increase each year.

The planned parking restrictions are coming into force on roads by the schools. These are designed with safety mind. Once the necessary signs have been installed those parking on these yellow lines could return to find a £60 parking notice on their windscreen. Long term parkers in Raven Road are making it difficult for residents to get in and out of their homes and for users of Elizabeth Hall to reach the hall so proposals for restrictions have been sent out for residents’ views. Once responses have been evaluated a decision will be made on details of a permanent scheme. Any proposed scheme would be advertised before being introduced.

Road and sewer adoption at Holt Park continues to progress, though at a less than ideal speed! Unfortunately the time lag involved is not unusual due to the Highway authority’s need to make sure that Council Tax payers do not finish up paying for work that should have been completed by the developer. Given that the original planning permissions date back up to ten years it is hardly surprising that some Highway requirements have changed. One change concerns trees. Highways will not adopt roads such as Myllers Lond with large trees planted in the road. Consequently they trees need to be removed shortly. We are working with Highways to see if these trees can be successfully transplanted to nearby land. We understand that this issue is the only one preventing the adoption of the first phase of the estate which is the Taylor Wimpey development between the A30 and Sedges. A number of complications exist in respect of the remainder of the estate which are likely to take much longer to resolve.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor