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News Bulletin: December 2009

Response to the presentation of our first Community Awards at the Annual Village Meeting in April was most encouraging and the time has now come to ask residents to make nominations for awards to be presented at the next Annual Village Meeting on 27th April 2010. Any Hook individual, group of individuals or business can be nominated and the only firm rule is that awards are made for contribution to our Community on a Voluntary basis. Last year a few people asked why certain Hook residents had not received an award and the reason was that no-one nominated them! Nomination letters or emails only need to be brief as we can work with the person making the nomination to add more detail if necessary. At present there is no closing date but do please send in your nomination the moment you think of one to clerk@hook.gov.uk or by letter to the Parish Council office.

We are delighted with the response to the battery recycling scheme we launched a year ago. Thank you very much for your support. The Parish Council team collect the used batteries you drop at Tesco, Londis, the Surgery, Trees, Hook Junior and Infant Schools and Robert May’s. Incidentally we do this on normal visits and not by extra journeys! So far you have collected roughly the equivalent of 4 large wheelybins of batteries which all go off to Belgium for recycling. Please keep it going!

November Focus asked that reports of failed street lights be made by telephone but I quoted an incorrect number which was totally my fault for which I apologise! It helps if failed street lights, apart from Holt Park, are reported to the automated service at Hampshire County Council on 0800 50 60 60. Failed lights on Holt Park should continue to be reported to the Parish Council office on the number below because these lights are still owned by Taylor Wimpey.

The Christmas Cracker continues to be a hugely popular annual event and will be on Friday 4th December. Station Road will be closed from 15.30 to 21.30. Diversions will be signposted.

In the past a number of Community Organisations have asked if they could publicise their event by hanging banners on Parish Council property facing the Highway particularly at the Grand Parade roundabout. Consistent with the policy adopted by Highways themselves we have had to turn these requests aside for insurance reasons.

A few weeks ago we discovered that the owners of land adjoining Bartley House were in the process of felling most of the trees that fronted Station Road. In some ways their action has improved the environment because many of the trees were dead or dying. We have been trying to establish a dialogue with the owner of the land and the building to discover their medium term aim because, although the land is likely to benefit from the work they have done over a five year period, there is no doubt that in the short term the area has become unsightly.

Both the dog bin in Great Sheldons Coppice and the one in Hartletts Park were destroyed by fireworks on 5th November. Hart do not have a replacement in stock and have placed an order with their supplier for the Great Sheldons Coppice bin. The Hartletts Park bin is Parish Council property and a replacement bin has been installed.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor