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News Bulletin: December 2003

Following the resignation of David Ridley, Anne Atkins has been promoted to Parish Clerk with effect from 1st January 2004. The Parish will need to recruit salaried support for Anne and she is now considering how she would like that support to be provided. It is likely that we will be advertising in the New Year. The elected members of the Parish Council do successfully reflect the population of Hook as a whole in that most of our, unpaid, members have full time day employment. This means that we will need to increase our salaried day time resource to meet the ongoing and increasing needs of the Hook Community.

November Focus contained two letters about dog mess particularly on the footpath by the cemetery. We hope the dog owners responsible have taken both note and action! The Hart Dog Warden, Lynn Byfield, does patrol regularly and we are in touch with her about problems that occur.

The Planning application for seven houses next to The Holt, which was opposed by the Parish Council and many residents, has been refused by Hart on the basis that the density is too high and the general design out of keeping with the surroundings.

Although a new fence has been erected behind the Community Centre, antisocial behaviour continues as it is still possible to gain access to the area through the boundary with Ravenscroft. The Amenity Committee is considering ways of overcoming this problem including the possibility of extending the new fencing to make the entire area secure.

Some twenty houses on the Holt Park Development are now occupied and we are pressing Hampshire County Council for news of the new shuttle bus service which is due to link the development with Tesco and the railway station. As yet neither the start dates nor the route have been decided and it seems that Hampshire are having difficulty in finding a bus company that is able to operate the service.

As we near the shortest day of the year please help Hampshire Highways if you notice that a street light is not working by ringing 0800 50 60 60. They will need to know the name of the road and the column number which is clearly marked on the column at around eye level.

The Hook retailers’ Christmas Cracker event will take place as planned on Friday 5th December, unfortunately the wrong date was given in the recent issue of Hart News.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor