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News Bulletin: April 2012

The Annual Village Meeting is at the Elizabeth Hall on Wednesday 25th April. Doors open at 8.00 pm with a chance to walk round and meet representatives from a wide range of local organisations before the formal meeting. Refreshments will be provided. The number of attendees and exhibitors has grown annually. The informal session before, the meeting itself, provides an excellent opportunity to chat to a wide range of organisations and to find out what they do within our Community. Twelve exhibitors have confirmed so far.

The Parish Council will present the preliminary proposals for the refurbishment of the Community Centre. Residents will have their first opportunity to see the vision for the future building. Major elements will be a community café, improved squash facilities and modern, flexible spaces for hire for events, celebrations and meetings.

The meeting itself will commence at 8.45pm with responses to questions. Please submit questions by 16th April to clerk@hook.gov.uk or by post or by hand to the Parish Council Office. This will enable any necessary research to be carried out and the most suitable person briefed to have an answer available. This will also help us to concentrate on the topics of greatest concern. Questions submitted on the night will be covered if time permits. Copies of the minutes of the 2011 meeting will be available at the meeting or they can be obtained on the Parish Council website and from the Parish Council Office.

Residents will be pleased to know that progress is being made in respect of the bus services through Hook. Thanks to the huge effort made by residents and the Parish Council’s Transport Working Group, Stagecoach is considering the options for an improved timetable and routing for the No 10 service.A taxi-bus service to complement the main bus services is also still being considered. We hope to have some good news on this by the Annual Village Meeting.

The South East of England is experiencing a drought following two winters of low rainfall. South East Water is appealing to everyone to help conserve water. Their website at www.southeastwater.co.uk/drought gives up to date drought information, tips on how you can help by being water efficient and discounted or free water butts.; On average we use 160 litres of water a day and most of this is used in the home for cooking, drinking, washing and toilet flushing. Small changes in our daily routine can help conserve vital supplies.


  • Wash with a full load –washing machines and dishwashers can use between 50 and 100 litres.
  • Take a shower – instead of a bath. Remember, a five minute power shower uses much more.
  • Water friendly flushing – request a free Save-a-Flush Bag
  • Cleaning your teeth – avoid running the tap; use a glass of water to rinse instead.
  • Peeling vegetables – avoid running the tap: use a bowl full of water instead.
  • Washing the car – use a bucket and sponge: a hosepipe can use up to 1,000 litres of water.
  • Fix dripping taps – as they usually only need a new washer.
  • Fit a water butt – start collecting rainwater from drainpipes.
  • Ditch the sprinkler – in an hour this can use the same amount of water as a family of six uses in one day.
  • Weeding – do frequently as they compete with plants for water.
  • Hanging baskets – use a water-retaining gel for pots and hanging baskets.
  • Lawn care – grass can survive long periods of dry weather and will soon revive.


Information is also available at – http://www.thameswater.co.uk/waterusagecalculator/

The Parish Council’s Annual Report will be delivered to every household early in April. Watch out for it arriving through your door.

Anne Atkins – Clerk