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News Bulletin: April 2001

We have received a number of complaints about selfish dog owners who are allowing their pets to foul footpaths, and even the tennis courts near the Community Centre, without carrying a “poop scoop” to clear up the mess. Please keep an eye out for those responsible for this antisocial and unhygienic activity which is an offence that can be punished by a heavy fine. But if you and your pet are responsible please take care of this problem yourself!

We are in the process of obtaining quotes for several maintenance projects to be carried out in the centre of the village early in the new financial year. These include repairs to the brickwork in the car park outside the Chemist and refurbishment of the seats outside Budgens. We are budgeting to install bollards on the footpath between the side of Morris Dentist’s in the village centre and Band Hall Place to stop cars parking on the grass verge. There are still areas in Grand Parade where cars park on areas that cannot take the strain of car parking, so we are costing installation of further block paving so as to separate these areas from the car park

In the meantime, following our pressure, the block work and grassed area near the pedestrian crossing in Station Road has been reinstated at the expense of Southern Electric following the emergency work they had to carry out several months ago. The missing Belisha Beacon in Station Road has been reinstalled by Hampshire Highways.

Hart District Council Planners have had a meeting with agents acting for One 2 One to discuss the partly installed mast in the Station Car Park. The meeting was inconclusive and One 2 One are now considering their position. They have confirmed that no further work is currently planned. Meridian television are working on a follow up item which will be shown shortly on Meridian Tonight.

The Parish Council Annual report will be distributed to every house in Hook in early April and the Annual Village Meeting will take place in Elizabeth Hall on Tuesday 10th April at 8pm. In addition to brief reports from our Committee Chairmen and from our District and County Councillors we expect to have information on the future of local policing and time for an open discussion session. Do come along!

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 4th April 2001 at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor