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News Bulletin: June 2016


 At the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 4th May Dr Jane Worlock was elected Chairman of the Council and Debra Davies became Vice Chairman.   John Orchard is the new Chairman of the Planning Committee.

A review of the Parish Council’s Committee structure is underway.  This is likely to see the combining of certain committees and some new function areas.  In the interim, Lead Councillors have been appointed for matters relating to Amenities, Community Safety, Highways, PR and Media, Transport, Wellbeing and Youth.


 In April a Notice of Vacancy was published arising from the resignation of Mark Potterton.  As Hart did not receive the required number of letters calling for a formal ballot, the Parish Council will need to fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as possible.

If you are interested in helping to shape the future of your local community and influence how residents’ money is spent, then please contact the Clerk to find out more about this rewarding role within our forward thinking team.

To apply to be considered to join the council, please write to the Clerk, with a summary about yourself, including:

  • how long you have lived or worked in Hook
  • reasons for wishing to be a councillor
  • previous community involvement/council experience
  • any other skills you can bring to the Council
  • your interests and recent career history

The closing date for receipt of applications is Thursday 9th June 2016.  Applicants will be required to attend the Council meeting on Wednesday 6th July as well as the meeting when the co-option will take place on Wednesday 3rd August 2016.


In the coming months, visitors to Bassetts Mead will see developments to the site. Hook Parish Council, in partnership with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, has instigated improvements to accessibility and an enhanced the visitor experience.  In line with this, a visitor survey will be carried out in June/July, so Hook Parish Council can better understand the needs and aspirations of visitors to Bassetts Mead.  The results of the survey will be used to guide ongoing improvements to the site, in line with its status as a SANG (Strategic Alternative Natural Greenspace).


Planting has begun at the Community Centre and in the Village Centre. As soon as the grant from Tesco comes through, the work will start in earnest.  Hook In Bloom volunteers will love to hear from you if you would like to get involved the you via their website at where there is a link to their facebook page.


The next event for the whole village is the Hook Royal Party on 12th June.  Although all are welcome, there is limited availability at Elizabeth Hall so reserve your space by logging on to:


One of a number of items that will have been reported to attendees at the Annual Village Meeting on 18th May, is the completion of the Community Centre.  As the building was completed late and re-occupied in phases, there are staged 12 month maintenance periods under the contract.  These are coming to an end and the Final Account is under negotiation.   The builder, Construction Partnership Ltd (CPL), has applied for an additional award of £521,000 against the contract.  This is not an unusual scenario with this type of contract.

The Parish Council and its advisers believe that CPL is not entitled to any further monies, above the £1.54m already paid.  This difference of opinion is likely to result in a period of negotiation and possibly legal challenge.

The Parish Council has received professional and legal advice.  This was that the Parish Council should be seen to be reasonable, proactive and to be preparing to pay, if required.

As a precautionary measure, on 4th May the Parish Council resolved to seek approval from Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for temporary borrowing of up to £500,000, in the event of the loan being required.  If any borrowing becomes necessary, that is likely to impact on the precept for future years, there will be a consultation on how this cost could be met before the budgets are set.


  • Hook’s Royal Party – Sunday 12th June 2016
  • Hook Annual Village Show – Hook Community Centre – Sunday 11th September 2016