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Nature recovery – Survey

Hampshire County Council would like residents, community groups and organisations including businesses, Parish Councils and others to take part in a survey asking where they would like to see improvements for nature recovery, their views on nature priorities and what action they may be taking locally to help nature in their area.
If you want to let them know about more than one location or area, complete the survey again to nominate a different area.
They would like you to tell them if there are improvements to habitats near you that are needed, and whether you think there should be a particular focus on a species of plantlife or wildlife. Additionally, they would like to know if there are spaces where you would like to see new habitats created or joined together.
The information they collect through the survey is important to help them prepare Hampshire’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy which the Government has asked them to do and provided the funding for. The strategy will also cover the areas of Portsmouth and Southampton and in its development, they will also be working with Hampshire’s borough, city, district, parish and town councils, as well as the wildlife and farming organisations, national parks and environmental and conservation organisations.
Go to for more information and to complete the survey