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Monthly Bulletin: July/Aug 2022

Annual Village Show

This year’s show (organised by Hook and Odiham Lions) will take place on Sunday 3rd July 12noon – 5pm at Hartletts Park.  Programmes have been delivered to every household in Hook.  Entrance is £3 for adults and all under 16’s go free.  Don’t forget to bring your programme so you can enter the free prize draw.  Go to page X for more information

Planning update


As many of you will have seen, work on the site for the new Sainsburys store is well underway.  It is set to open Spring 2023.  Sainsbury’s have advised that “the store will have an extensive selection of fresh food, fruit and veg, food-to-go and freshly baked goods. It will also feature a wide range of non food products such as Habitat and Tu Clothing ranges, as well as a new Argos collection point”.  There will not be a petrol station as indicated on some of the previous plans.

Shell Garage

Renovation and expansion of the Shell garage is underway in the centre of the village.  The Shell garage shop will be expanded to the side to provide a “Little Waitrose” store

The final approved plans can be found on Hart District Councils Planning Portal ( under the following application numbers

Sainsburys –  13/01145/MAJOR

Shell – 21/03254/FUL

Platinum Jubilee

We hope all our residents were able to enjoy the Jubilee Weekend and appreciated the decorations we installed in the village which included:

  • Union Flags & Jubilee disks on the lampposts along Station Road
  • Jubilee disks on lampposts in Wellworth Park and Hartletts Park.
  • Window display at Hook Community Centre

A  Jubilee Garden has been created in Wellworth Park and was opened on the 1st June.  Go to for the press release about it

We would love to see your pictures of you enjoying the weekend.  Please send them to

Hanging Baskets

35 hanging baskets were installed just before the Jubilee Weekend.  This year they are a patriotic mix of red, white and blue flowers.  The Council hope you agree that they look lovely and add a wonderful splash of colour in the centre of the village.

Staff Changes

At the end of June we sadly said goodbye to Annalie Hadfield, our Planning & Infrastructure Admin Officer who had been with us for 6 years.  From the moment she joined she immediately embraced the role of supporting the Planning & Infrastructure Committee and made good working contacts with Officers of both District and County Councils which have been invaluable to her role.  She was always willing and cheerful to not only fulfil her own role but also help colleagues and Councillors wherever needed.  She will be missed but we wish her every success in her new ventures.

We warmly welcome Rosalind Tennant to the Parish Council’s Team to take over Annalie’s role. Ros had attended some meetings with us, whilst serving notice in her previous post in order to ensure a smooth transition, so we all look forward to her settling into her new post and becoming part of the team.

The Hook Community Sports Pavilion Project

In the July/August Edition of Hook Focus Magazine we produced a centre spread about the proposed Sports Pavilion at Noth East Hook (Next to the Crudace development).

Hook Focus Magazine Centre spread July/Aug 2022

Response to a resident letter sent to Hook Focus

Dear Mr Lawrence,

Thank you for your recent correspondence sent to the Council and published in the last edition of Hook Focus, in relation to the community sports pavilion project at NE Hook. Please find below the response from the Council to the questions raised.

  1. Effectively the majority of the project is providing all the facilities required by a rugby club. Whilst I have nothing against rugby, £1.9 million seems a lot to spend for the benefit of a relatively small proportion of the community especially when S106 money is meant to be for the benefit of the whole community. Could the facility not also be of benefit to other sports in Hook?

Both the rugby and youth football clubs had an interest in use of the pitches at the NE Hook site and both were sent a written brief by the Parish Council in November 2019, inviting them  to bid to be the lead users of the pitches. The bid needed to include a statement in respect of shared use of the site by multiple sports, which was the Council’s preference.

The bids were considered, along with verbal representations from both clubs, at the Full Council meeting in January 2020. HUYFC (youth football) stated, in their bid and verbally at the meeting, that sharing was not an option. HORFC (rugby club) included in their presentation consideration of how the pitches/facilities could be used for multi-sport purposes. Following the bid presentations, the Council decided that the rugby club would be the primary users of the pitches.

The work carried out thus far in relation to providing a building to facilitate full use of the outdoor pitches has involved liaising with the rugby club, as lead users of the site. The rugby club initiated discussions early on regarding shared use of the site and have so far opened discussions with the youth football team, Hook Runners, Hook Velo and the cricket club as this will ensure a wider range of sport can be accommodated to make full use of the site, year round.

  1. How much of the £1.9 million will be provided by the S106 money and how much by residents? What will the increase in precept to fund this be in the forthcoming years?

Section 106 contribution funding for the building facility is £250,000. Grant funding can only be applied for once a fully costed project is decided. We are currently at the feasibility stage with a more detailed costing expected imminently (at the time of writing). The Council will apply for as much external funding as possible.

The Council holds significant funds in its SANG reserve – money paid by developers for SANG mitigation. The only requirement of this reserve is that it needs to pay for the maintenance of the SANG for 80 years. We are currently some 17 years into this agreement. With projects of substantial cost, it would be quite usual for an authority to look to borrow funds from the Public Works Loan Board, as this Council did to part fund the refurbishment of the Community Centre. The repayments for the loan are then made via raising precept. In this instance, if the Council borrows from its own reserve, it incurs no interest payments and is fully in control of the repayment schedule.

If the full £1.9 million estimated construction cost was funded by precept, over the same term that a Public Works Loan would be taken, the effect on precept would be an average addition of £9.79 per year, based on the current precept and tax base, for a period of 30 years, or the equivalent of 18.8 pence per week, per household, over the same timescale.

  1. Will funding By Hook Parish Council be required after build for operation or maintenance of the facility and if so how much?

The ideal operating model for the facility is to lease the building on a fully repairing basis, therefore no funding would be required from the Parish Council for operation/maintenance. The Parish Council already utilises similar leases for the Community Centre and Elizabeth Hall (leased to HVHCA) and the Hook Bowls Club (leased to the Bowls Club).

  1. The name Hook and Odiham Rugby Club suggests that the club expects their members and hence the prime beneficiaries will be mainly Hook and Odiham residents. Hence is Odiham Parish Council contributing to the costs and if so by how much?

No contribution has been secured at the current time. An initial discussion was held with Odiham PC – they are unlikely to have finances to make any significant contribution.

  1. Has the possible effect of the proposed bar on the viability of pubs in Hook and the function rooms on the viability of the Elizabeth Hall and Community Centre been considered?

Given that the Hook and Odiham Rugby Club will be the primary user of the sports pavilion, it is highly likely that a bar facility will be located within the building. Indeed, it is anticipated that bar takings for food and drink will form the primary basis of their income and that sufficient income will be derived from takings in order to that the cost of continued maintenance of the site will fall to the club rather than the residents. Clearly, there is no intention to pressure visitors and players to make use of club bar, but it is unlikely that they would travel to another pub in the village, post game. As far as the use of the other halls in the village is concerned, at the time of writing, each is operating near full capacity.

  1. As the concept is so well developed will the public consultation focus on whether the architects design meets the requirements of the Rugby Club and Shed or more importantly to me whether the project should continue in its current form?

The architect is presently reaching the end of RIBA Stage 2 which will see the initial costings further refined and until the Parish Council are in receipt of refined costings, no decision can be made to instruct the current architect to proceed further. Moreover, at the end of Stage 2, it is intended to hold the public consultation element and this, together with the updated costings, will ensure that the PC is better informed to make any decision to proceed further with the project in its current form. Finally, the building is not a rugby club but a community sports facility.

Yours sincerely,


Hook Parish Council