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News Bulletin: March 2001

By the time this issue of Focus is published villagers will have seen the reports on Meridian Tonight and in The Gazette and The Observer of the attempt by One2One to erect a mobile phone mast in the station car park at 1 am on Sunday 11th February without proper Planning Permission. Protest action throughout the night by residents of Bramshott Drive with the support of District and Parish Councillors caused the work to be abandoned at 4.30 am. Hart District Council have written to Railtrack and One2One pointing out that there is no permission for a mast and we await their reaction.

Almost 600 people attended the Dorchester Arms exhibition and the questionnaires that have been returned to Hampshire County Council will be analysed after the closing date of 31st March. Many thanks to all the retailers who displayed posters. The Parish Council discussed the three options and decided to support the installation of the small roundabout on the basis that it is capable of being installed quite quickly without the need to buy extra land. We felt that although the larger roundabout was a more perfect solution the procedures for buying the common land required would take much too long. Concern was expressed that if traffic lights were installed drivers would speed up so as not to miss a green light. It was felt that the traffic light option was the one most likely to cause drivers to divert Hook to Basingstoke journeys via Newnham Road. Hampshire’s preference will be known at the end of May.

The footpath in Wellworth Park has been badly flooded in recent weeks. A drain has now been dug to carry away the water and when the land dries out a soakaway is likely to be installed.

A wide range of Highway issues were discussed with Douglas Hill from Hampshire Highways.and we have his support for “Kill Your Speed” signs on Griffin Way. Plans are to be drawn up for a trial traffic calming scheme in Reading Road which will be based on narrowing the road at either end and installing a traffic priority system.

At present Hart District Council decisions are made by committees but a Government policy change means that, after public consultation, Hart must pick one of three new ways of managing the District’s affairs.

  1. A directly elected mayor who would appoint a cabinet from elected District councillors.
  2. A leader elected by the councillors themselves.
  3. A directly elected mayor supported by a paid manager.

The Parish Council decided to support the second option as being more democratic and less expensive than the other two choices. For more information and to make your choice please visit or read the information on the Parish Council notice boards.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 7th March at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter