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News Bulletin: June 2001

May marks the start of the new municipal year and the election by your Councillors of the Chairmen of the various committees. Tony Taylor is Chairman of the Parish Council with Antony Hunter as Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Planning. Our grateful thanks go to Peter Jennions for chairing the Council so effectively for the last three years. The Amenities Committee is now chaired by Allen Saltmarsh and we thank Colin Brown for his past chairmanship of that committee. Gillian Morgan continues as Chair of the Garden and Cemetery Committee. Following the sad loss to the Parish of David Deadman, David Ridley is now in the process of taking over Parish Clerk responsibilities and you will see elsewhere in Focus that we are looking for a Deputy to work with him. An up to date telephone number list is at the foot of this page so do please contact David, or any of the Parish Councillors, if you would like to know more about this post.

The Amenities Committee are about to start design work on a new play area near Hop Garden Road. This scheme is being funded by a developer as one of the conditions of the planning permission for the site. We are keen to involve several parents with young children who live in that area in the design work . If you can help please ring David Ridley on 768573.

We have just learnt that One2One are actively considering an alternative site instead of the proposed site at the Railway Station which caused such late night difficulties during the winter. However Vodafone’s application for a new and larger mast at the Railway Station, which would have been closer to housing than their present mast, has been refused permission.

A new tenant has recently taken over the Old Foundry site in London Road and is currently using it for the storage of refrigerated vehicles. We have received a number of complaints about the noise made by workers on the site as well as the noise from the air conditioning units on the vehicles. Environmental Health have investigated and been assured by the tenant that refrigerated lorries will not be on site on a regular basis.

Our comments on Hart’s modifications to the local plan that will run to 2006 have now been sent in. Although no development is planned between Hook and Rotherwick during the life of the plan we are urging that a formal gap should remain a part of the plan The plan includes development for housing at Holt Lane and the Foundry site as previously announced, but the only newly confirmed site for development is planned to be at Hitches Lane Fleet. The next step is for Hart to consider all the comments and to formally adopt the plan by the autumn.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 6th June at the Community Hall at 8pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor