Jul 012013

At the May Council meeting, the first of the new municipal year, Iain Chalmers was elected as Chairman. Robert Leppard was elected as Vice Chairman.

Sainsbury’s have submitted their Planning Application to build a 30,000 sq ft store on a site including the area currently occupied by the industrial units adjacent to the junction of London Road (A30) and Griffin Way North (B3349). The application comprises 71 documents and can be viewed on Hart District Council’s Planning Portal. You will need to enter 13/01145/MAJOR in the search box. The Parish Council is holding a Public consultation on the application on Tuesday 2nd July from 7.00 to 9.30 pm at Hook Community Centre. Please come along and take the opportunity to view and comment on the application. The plans can also be seen at the Parish Council office by appointment. Please submit your comments to Hart District Council and kindly copy Hook Parish Council. Comments will be taken into account when the Parish Council considers the application at the Planning Committee meeting on 7th August.

Hart Core Strategy update – The Inspector appointed by the Government to conduct the examination into the Hart Core Strategy held a pre-hearing meeting to set out the timetable and procedure for the examination on 11th June, at which Hook Parish Council was represented.

The first two sessions are scheduled for 9th and 10th July. These are on the ‘Duty to Cooperate’ (‘with other councils amongst others’) and overall housing provision. He has made it clear that if he is not satisfied with what is put to him at those sessions, he will not proceed with the rest of the examination. Instead he will advise Hart District Council accordingly and suggest ways in which these matters can be properly addressed. This would result in a considerable delay until the Council rectifies the situation. It is quite possible that an amended Core Strategy will be required with a further round of public consultation. If, on the other hand, he is content with the outcome of the first two sessions the examination will proceed.

In that case, Hook Parish Council has been invited to attend two sessions:

  • Matter 3 (the location of development, the distribution of housing across the district and infrastructure [Policies CS2, supporting text to Policy CS3 and CS11]) on Tuesday, 3rd September; and
  • Matter 11 (North East Hook, Policy CS23) on Thursday, 12th September.

Matter 11, Question 4 asks only whether the number of dwellings planned for North East Hook should be increased. It does not ask whether the number should be decreased. Prior to the initial meeting, Hook Parish Council submitted a request to the Inspector to ask for a change to the wording of Question 4 as follows:

“Given the representations submitted by Hook Parish Council we consider that this possibility should at least be open to discussion and would be grateful therefore if the Inspector could amend the question accordingly.”

In the event that the rest of the examination does proceed, the Inspector has not advised as to when his report will be sent to Hart District Council, but it is likely to be in October or November. Further update notes will be published in Hook Focus as and when appropriate.

A consultation document on the proposed refurbishment of Hook Community Centre was delivered to all residents in June. The closing date for comments was 26th June, to coincide with the public meeting. At the time of writing the responses received indicated overwhelming support, many urging the Council to press forward. The Council will discuss the outcome of the Consultation and the Tender process on 3rd July.

Lost items are often handed into the Parish Council office. These include clothing, house and car keys, mobile phones and recently a radio controlled plane. If any items are lost in the vicinity of Hartletts Park, please contact the Parish Council office to check if they have been handed in.

Observant residents may notice a new CCTV camera. This is a mobile camera being operated by the Hart Dog Warden service. The camera will be deployed in areas frequented by negligent dog owners as required. This initiative, in collaboration with Parish Council, is aimed at curbing the growth of antisocial dog fouling.

Anne Atkins – Clerk

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