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News Bulletin: July / August 2002

Hart District Council Chairman Jonathan Glen formally opened the new Elizabeth Hall play area on 31st May supported by a small army of children. The area is monitored by a CCTV camera both to protect it from vandalism and to discourage antisocial activity in the evenings.

The two pelican crossings are now in full use, though reinstatement of some of the verges is not yet complete. When a pedestrian pushes the button cameras on the crossing look for a gap in the traffic, and then switch the traffic lights to red. If there is no gap in the traffic the lights switch to red automatically after thirty seconds. Crossing the road by the butchers may take a little longer at peak times, but the massive improvement in road safety makes the short delay well worth the very small wait.

One2One have appealed against refusal of Planning Permission for the mast on the B3349 roundabout. The Parish Council and Hart District Council are opposing the appeal but letters from residents are really important so as to ensure that the government inspector appreciates the strength of local feeling. The mast would be visually intrusive and represent a possible health risk. Operators are required to share masts wherever possible but One2One have failed to give any reason why they cannot share the existing mast in Osborne Way. Letters should be sent to The Planning Inspectorate Room 3/08B, Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN to arrive no later than Wednesday 10th July.

Berkeley Homes have just advised us that the Holt Lane site has been taken over by Wimpey who will manage the development from now onwards. We had a good working relationship with the Berkeley team who always did their best to meet local concerns and, following an extensive discussion with Wimpey feel sure we will be able to develop a similar relationship with them. Apart from the change from Berkeley style houses to Wimpey style houses the plans for the development will continue unchanged. Wimpey expect to construct the access to the site from Holt Lane in August and September and to start building houses in November commencing at the northern end of the site.

Hedges around Hook are growing busily and in some cases the growth is obstructing pedestrians. If your hedge is in this category do please give it a haircut!

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillorb>