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News Bulletin: January 2013

The Parish Council was pleased to see so many local people at the recent NE Hook public consultation by the developers and Sainsbury. Councillors were in attendance to hear residents views and gauge attendance. Feedback is important to enable the Parish Council to arrive at its own conclusions. To avoid confusion there are two separate but linked matters currently being consulted on.

The first is a consultation by Hart District Council on the draft Hart Local Plan. This deals only with development principles. In particular it proposes 500 houses at north east Hook and a ‘convenience store’ (this planning terminology reflects the nature of the store to sell only convenience goods – mainly food – and is not an indication as to its size). The plan also states that development at north east Hook will only be agreed where, “it can be demonstrated that it is planned in a comprehensive manner in accordance with an adopted master plan and development brief prepared in consultation with, and informed by, the local community.” It is understood that a draft master plan and development brief will be published for consultation in the early part of 2013. There will therefore be another opportunity for residents and the parish council to make their views known. The draft local plan also proposes another 100 houses to be built in Hook on sites yet to be identified. The parish council will submit its response(s) on the draft plan to Hart by the closing date of 7th January and this will be published on the parish council web site.

The second took the form of the recent exhibitions of pre-application proposals put forward by the developers to elicit the views of the local community. It is quite common for such a ‘twin-track’ approach to take place (i.e., local plan policy and development proposals) as the one will help inform the other. It was made clear to both developers by district and parish councillors that substantial changes and robust additional evidence – particularly in respect of traffic and access – will be necessary if the applications are to be granted planning permission in due course. The developers will take all the responses into account and make changes as they see fit. It is understood that the applications themselves will not be submitted until spring or summer 2013 but will not be determined until the master plan and development brief has been adopted by Hart District Council and the applications are in accordance with it. Hook Parish Council has made its initial informal views strongly known to the developers and cannot make any further comment until it sees how the developers have responded. At the time of writing, only Sainsbury’s have publish the results of their consultation. The Parish Council will make its formal response(s) when the applications are submitted next year.

The pre-adoption list of remedial works for Phase 1 of Holt Park has been agreed. In view of the likely disruption to residents (especially for those in Myllers Lond) the majority of the work will now be undertaken in January.

A new footpath across the ‘desire line’ in Hartletts Park has been under construction for an extended period. The work took much longer than expected due to the adverse weather and resulting high water, but has now been completed. We appreciate the forbearance of park users whilst this work was going on.

For a number of years the Parish Council has been pleased to present Community Awards at the Hook Annual Village Meeting in April. The awards acknowledge the voluntary works and achievements of individuals or businesses for the benefit of our Community. This is your opportunity to recognise Hook’s ‘unsung heroes’ who have made a difference. We are keen to receive award nominations, which should be sent to the Clerk in writing or e-mail by the end of February 2013.

SAVE THE DATE – Hook Annual Village Meeting, Elizabeth Hall, Wednesday 24th April 2013.

Anne Atkins – Clerk