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Hook In Bloom

Hook_In_Bloom_logoHook is All Set to Bloom

Villagers love the community feel of Hook, and many who leave the village because they can’t find a house, often return years later. However, a regularly heard criticism is that the centre of Hook could do with some TLC. This observation has often been cited whenever consultations have taken place.

Thanks to an energetic and enthusiastic band of volunteers, backed by various village organisations including the Parish Council, Hart District Council, Hampshire County Council, Hook Village Halls Charitable Association, Hook Allotments Association and Hook Gardening Club, Hook village is well on its way to Bloom.

Hook has already been awarded two generous grants to help support In Bloom.  One from the Big Lottery Fund as part of Hook’s Health and Wellbeing grant, which will help towards publicity and costs associated with the Village Show and the Business and Residents In Bloom competition, and another from Tesco. The Tesco grant is a minimum of £8,000 as part of their #BagsofHelp initiative. Voting will take place in Hook’s Tesco store from 27th February to 2nd March so we are encouraging everyone to visit the store to vote for Hook in Bloom

Daffodils on blueIn addition to this grant aid, ways  are being identified where Hart DC can help with various environmental improvements, including wild flower and bulb planting, and other yet to be agreed projects.

Everyone in the village should benefit from In Bloom. From the child who proudly displays their prize won in an In Bloom competition, to the person who wins the best front garden, to the large business who doesn’t mind their international investor visiting Hook because they are proud of the area where their business is located.

How Can We All Help?

By supporting the various initiatives in any way we can.  This could include taking part in the competitions, to visiting Tesco and voting in #BagsofHelp, by giving time to help with litter picks and planting and encouraging our children to take part, by not dropping litter in the first place and by making sure we pick up our dogs’ mess, by having fun and taking part in the fundraising events.

Tesco Bags of Help

Lottery Funded