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Holiday Season – Home Safety Tips

Holiday Season – Home Safety Tips
For anyone heading off on holiday, they will want to travel with the peace of mind that their home is safe. One of the key things is to disguise the fact that a property is vacant, as if burglars notice signs that suggest no-one is at home, they will see it as an open invitation.
Here are 6 tips from Hart District Council Community Safety Team for increasing peace of mind when leaving homes unoccupied:
1. Check your household insurance policy for any exclusions that might mean you are not covered whilst you are away.
2. Don’t leave your house looking unoccupied – leave garden tidy, cancel any regular deliveries, user timer switches etc
3. Sign up to a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.
4. Ensure all doors, windows, tools and valuables are suitably locked up or cleverly hidden – avoid the sock drawer!
5. Don’t tell everyone you’re on holiday – either locally or across social media accounts.
6. Install appropriate home security measures – outdoor lighting, cameras, alarms etc Many nowadays have apps to monitor remotely.
You can find copies of the Community Saftey Newsletter on Hart’s website here…/community-safety-newsletter