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Help the Police in their investigations

Many local residents have installed CCTV, video doorbells or have dashcams. The Police have detailed below how you can send this data to them, to aid in their investigations

“Over the past few weeks we have been made aware of a number of residential burglaries and cars being stolen and damaged in and around Hart North.

We’re aware that many local residents now make use of personal CCTV security cameras such as Ring doorbells. The footage captured from these cameras can play a vital role in identifying potential suspects.

You can now register your property details and personal cameras on the N.I.C.E Investigation system, which allows you to upload your CCTV footage quickly and easily from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

To register your property and CCTV cameras there are just three simple steps to take;

1. Email and inform the team that you would like to register your CCTV camera as a local resident

2. You will then receive an email request – which will provide you with a link to register. Please note that you will only be contacted by a member of the Hampshire Constabulary through the N.I.C.E Investigate system.

3. Finally, click on the link in the email request to securely register and upload any requested videos.

Rest assured that your information is kept safe and secure – it is never made public. While your participation always remain 100% voluntary – and can be withdrawn at any stage.

Please report incidents via ringing 101 or at our Hampshire Police website.
Please ring 999 in an emergency.

It is important that we evaluate work we complete so we can learn and improve our responses in the future. As such could I ask you to provide feedback on the registration process should you decide to enrol in the N.I.C.E Investigation system to:

#PCSOGareth “